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Pages with a lot of Text
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When you have to optimize a site that has pages consisting of thousands of words rather than hundreds, what do you do? - Split the pages up? - Leave them as is? - Place on page anchors to different sections of the whole page?

Tricky one eh?

This WPW thread offers some pretty good insight into a) what your options are, and b) the varying views of Search Marketers as to the most effective solution. My personal perference would be to keep the pages long but make good use of a 'page menu' with fragment links to the different 'sections' of the page and to use h tags to delimit the sections.

What say you?


If it is a very long document

If it is a very long document then I say split it up into bite size chunks and link to the various sections using word rich footer pagination. Id also consider mod_rewriting the resulting file to give well named urls that describe each section of the very long document.

This approach enables you to fine tune each page to its target kw's tems phrases etc.

I really dont see how one title tag can cut it for all manner of subjects that are bound to appear in a document of multiple content.

Whislt it depends on the budget, nature and size of the project, Id definitely look at placing the text into some kind of easier to work with container, eg flat file or db type thing.

Also gives you more options to play with the multitude of useful text manipulation tools

Just dawned on me..the above reads like pope pompous pontificus the 3rd preaching to the know-not-very-much brigade. Whereas this audience certainly isn't that! I blame that Nick W geezer for his "what say you?" type sign offs...bastard

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