Happy 4th July

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Just a quick "happy 4th of July" for our American neighbors, hope you're all having a great weekend, if you do anything fun then let us know about it...


They are all out celebrating

throwing people like me out. Little do they know, I'm sitting in my apt. in NY, naked, typing.....


Complaints bout holiday traffic and sales

Happy 4th of July Everyone! I have been hearing concerns on the boards from affiliates about traffic and sales drops over the long holiday weekend. So I wrote a little poem about it for my blog. Designed to make you smile and feel better. ;-)

If your traffic is slipping,
and your sales are dipping,
it must be the 4th of July!

Everyone’s out in the sun,
enjoying family and fun,
tomorrow they’ll come back online and buy!

So don't worry about it. Take the day off. Enjoy the fireworks. Take a break - you deserve it!

Linda Buquet AKA Catalyst

sitting in my apt. in NY,

sitting in my apt. in NY, naked, typing

Thanks for, ahem, sharing. Not quite the visual I need before noon on the 4th.


Does anyone know what a good wine to serve with slow braised pork shoulder ribs is? I'm making a smoked poblano chile and espresso barbecue sauce to go with it...

Your booze consultancy is appreciated.

Happy 4th to all!

>Just a quick "happy 4th of July" for our American neighbors

Thanks! It's good to know you fellows aren't still sore at us colonials:)

slow braised pork shoulder ribs

Well, this post may be too late to help ... but ... the beautiful thing about pork, or should I say 'one of the beautiful things' is that it can go both ways as far as wine goes.

Your choice for the evening - slow braised pork shoulder ribs - is a bit on the heartier side, and especially with the chiles and the BBQ overtones, probably requires a slightly heartier choice. So I'd go with a red, zinfandel if you're a California wine type, or if not, how about a nice chianti classico: Generally medium bodied and smooth on the palate, with some nice friuty flavors (usually cherry/berry), soft tannins and a bit of a dry finish (assuming you choose a nice one).

We, on the other hand, went with BBQ'd weenies, steak kabobs, and Anchor Steam from bottles. ;-)

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