Unindexed -- the website built for Google to destroy


The website called Unidexed was created by Matthew Rothenberg in early Feburary. This strange website was coded to erase itself once Google indexed it, which happened about 3 weeks. On February 24th, this website disappeared forever.

His goal for Unindexed was to create a site where people would be able to post comments with the knowledge that no record of those posts would ever exist again. Another privacy safety feature was the coding that prevented Google from caching it.

Since no one could find it, how did he get the word out about the website? He sent out about two dozen postcards.

Learn more about Matthew Rothenberg and his Unindexed website here: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2894725/unindexed-the-website-built-for-google-to-destroy.html