China Opens Clinic for Web Addicts

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China Opens Clinic for Web Addicts
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I can't help but wonder how many people here would have had somone check them into one these places.

A dozen nurses and 11 doctors care for the patients, mostly youths aged 14 to 24 who have lost sleep, weight and friends after countless hours in front of the computer, often playing video games with others online.

Some come voluntarily, while others are checked in by their parents. Many say their online obsessions helped them escape day-to-day stress, especially pressure from parents to excel in school.

Some can't stop playing games, while the older ones tend to be addicted to online chats with the opposite sex, Tao says. Others are fixated on designing violent games.

Then of course there is the treatment

The routine begins around 6 a.m. and includes sessions on a machine that stimulates nerve impulses with 30-volt charges to pressure points.

Some patients receive a clear fluid through intravenous drips said to "adjust the unbalanced status of brain secretions," according to one nurse. Officials would not give any other details about the medication.

Patients also nap, write diary entries or play cards. Their rooms are sunny, each decorated with artificial flowers, Winnie the Pooh comforters and a 17-inch television.


I can state quite categorically..

..that treatment does not work. I have tried it down to the Wine the Pooh comforters - still won't get me off the addiction.

I even find the 30 volt shocks quite pleasant now.

Can handle it

Just a bit of flu. Not addicted. Not!

You can't beat...

"stimulates nerve impulses with 30-volt charges to pressure points."

...a bit of ECT to the nipples, first thing, forget caffeine!

This is not a first for

This is not a first for China - that have had, er, "clinics" with, er, "electroshock therapy" for quite a while now. Not for internet addicts per se, but for joyous comrades who become a bit too overenamoured with dangerous concepts like democracy. As for the pseudo-scientific, Mengele-esque infusions of liquids in the brain, it's seriously scary stuff...


> a 17-inch television.

good idea - swap an active addiction to video games for a passive addiction to television.

Like when people in alcoholics anonymous start chain smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day to give up drinking.

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