Aaron Talks to DaveN

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Interview of David Naylor
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Aaron has a nice interview with everyones favorite spammer, DaveN - The last half is most interesting, with a few bits and pieces really worth the read...



Nice article, does not reveal too much, but does reflect the general feeling around SEOs.

IMH, Dave is one of a kind (and a TOP TOP SEO), he has the ability to look at SEO from a 50,000 feet height and get the general understanding what SE like and do not like, it is way too important then just look at the details, there are over 500 different factors in ranking a page (based on MSN latest algo) and only by understanding the general feeling of SE about pages you can produce nice results.
Every chat with Dave is educational to me (and the more you give the more you get), The nice thing in talking with him is that he tells you upfront what is a fact that was proven (by him) what is still an assumption and what is just a myth (all of course is highly related to the current discussion time and algo used by the specific SE we were talking about)
Dave has also a good sense on what is feasible and not feasible to detect (every SPAM can be detected it is a matter of time and money, and the SE have to use their biz balance for it)
I also found the "leaked" document from google regarding spam an eye opener for me in understanding the "do and don't" of "aggressive SEO marketing" :->, for the ones who have not seen it yet, see http://www.searchbistro.com/spamguide.doc

Well done Aaron

As well as the questions being well answered, Aaron did a good job on the questions.

As a former full-time and sometimes part-time journo, it's not the answers that really matters - it's the questions.

cheers Euro and BP glad you

cheers Euro and BP

glad you guys like it. I agree that DaveN is flat out one-of-a-kind.

DaveN is flat out one-of-a-kind....

there are search engineers all over the world who make this their nightly prayer, to whatever diety they revere

A couple of the young Google

A couple of the young Google engineers were hanging on DaveN's every word in New Orleans. Hope he didn't corrupt them too much.

"keep walking and never look back!"

Gotta love that motto!

Thankyou Aaron

Aaron, Jenstar,Me and some friends had dinner in New Orleans where I said that I would do the interview, But the friends at dinner where much more entertaining hehehe so we had to do it via email..I was glad the questions where well written and easy to answer..


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