London Got The Games!

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London beats Paris to 2012 Games
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Just announced (12:49 BST), London has won the bid to host the 2012 olympic games beating Paris in a close competition.

Probably too early to start building "London 2012" sites? ;O)


never too early

just had a snoop but most of the best domains have done already!

The French must be fuming -

The French must be fuming - forth time lucky eh chaps? ;)

way too late

one of my clients is going to get their building demolished to make way for the stadium (no biggy, only been there 100 years, they won't really go bankrupt or anything) and most of the relevant domains have been gone for a couple of years now :)


Apparently there are quite a few objections to the London bid - particularly the marsh land being paved over.

OT but to me funny, looking at houses in London 100 years old is a young, practically new, building. Then look on MLS for canadian homes and a house younger than that might get a preservation order ;O)

I'm over the moon it's

I'm over the moon it's happening. I will hopefully see some of my let properties jump in value towards the 2012 date and the speculation on a few domains seems justified.

Time to ramp up the site development IMHO trying to ensure their lockin for the crucial dates 7 years from now :D

Property Plans

Interesting to see the affect on property prices. I'm told by people who were adversley affected when the supertram was built in sheffield it caused swings both ways on property prices depending on where you were in relation to the line, or disruption caused by construction. Early tipoffs meant some people lined their pockets very well by flipping properties in plum locations.

Do you mean general site dev or ones aimed at the propeties?

Do you mean general site dev

Do you mean general site dev or ones aimed at the propeties

What do you think I'll do? Piece of the cake of the cake factory? ;D

it will be good

and I want tickets :) - but it's interesting to see the cons as well as the pro's.

And on the pro's side I reckon my best friends house just gained a bit in value so he can pay for the tickets....


All of the morning news shows came on early to cover this with a huge amount of celebrities in Singapore including Hillary Clinton, Mohammad Ali and the billionaire Mayor Bloomberg. Last night huge pieces on the vote

Right now it is a small news piece slipped between the FBI whistleblower running for Congress and rapper, Lil Kim wondering whether she will be going to jail.

Looks like the bungs were not big enough!

There are still a few

There are still a few domains left :)

Glad NYC could be of help

After NYC was knocked out in the second round London picked up a lot of its votes to lead Paris 39-33 in the third round.

The New York bid had no real backing among the public, and had no backing at all from the Feds. With presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens voicing support for their cities' bids, the best we could come up with was Hillary.

Good go, London.

The French

heard the French on the Radio this morning, I think they nearly lynched the BBC reporter, suffice to say they weren't happy. The quicker you guys leave the EU the better things off will be, the French don't like the Poms and vice versa, join the Anglosphere and become another State of the US, just like we are here in Australia :-)

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