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DaveN is getting a bit pissed off with comment spammers. Owning and running a comment enabled website really does put a new perspective on comment spam, particularly for the spammers.

Im not particularly knocking Dave here, in early 2004, i had a lovely script built for spamming blogs, and had got as far as testing it out before i started doing Threadwatch. After suffering at the hands of idiots to stupid to hit 100% dead blogs, or at least non-tech-savvy bloggers, and having to even disable trackbacks i can't imagine ever being so blazè about defacing other peoples websites again.

Wonder if we'll see Dave and SpamHuntress teaming up to fight evil sometime in the future heh! :)


Funny you should mention me

I pissed off a referrer spammer yesterday. He left a threat on my blog. Then today he's doing what he does best - spamming. Only this time he's spamvertizing my site. Probably trying to get me banned in Google.

If any of you guys get a hit from me in your logs, and no link from me, please share the IP number of that hit, so I can see if my hunch is correct (assuming he's brazen enough to use the same IP).


I have removed the footprint just incase you didn't notice.... it was more of a wake up call .... spam dead blogs not live ones :)


I'd missed that entirely

I'd missed that entirely Dave :(

I edited the post a tiny bit also, it really isn't much fun trying to run a blog once the idiots have you in their db's...

the easiest way to stop it

sending an email to the domain owner usually stops it, these people who "contribute editorial material about texas holdem" to you blog really want to hit only the blogs who do not care about it, if you do care, send them a note about it while mentioning your site URL and it usually stopps within a few hours.


I've got to stop drinking because I must be hallucinating due to the amount of red wine I've consumed in the past week because I can't believe what BroadProspect has writen could be true: yeh, hand over your email address to them as well so they can spam that at the same time as they are spamming your blog...that makes a lot of sense..."Please Mr Cretin, stop spamming my blog"

I think I'm going to try that with e-mail spam, too!




My name is [full name] and my e-mail address is [my work address]. I just received your e-mail solicitation for mortaging my hot texas viagra, and I'd like to respectfully note that I am not in need of this particular item (service?). Kindly stop sending me such solicitations.

Also, please add these e-mails: [ of actual e-mail addresses] to your block list.

Thank you very much sir (madam?) and have a fine day.

God bless,
[my full name]
[primary address(es) repeated]

P.S. -- If you have any questions, you are welcome to call me at [my real phone number] or fax me at [my real fax number] or stop by for a spot of tea at [my real residential address].[/]

no email

to duncanriley, no one cares about you email address, send it from a fake one.
the blog spammers are NOT doing email spam, they will disable your blog from their d.b. once you will notify them.
all you need to do is specifiy what URL exactly was spammed, and PLEASE do not send an email saying "you have been spamming my blog, I will not tell you it's URL since I would like you to stop it imm. for all the URLs in the world..."
that will not do you any good.

Some truth to this

Moniker (registrar) had as a rule that they forwarded complaints about the Zaharievs to them. Those that e-mailed to complain and didn't specify the blog that was spammed usually would get an e-mail from Doris Young in Israel, asking for the blog address. After "she" got a response, the spam would stop. Well, until they did a new search (building a new list) and the spam started again. But that would usually take some time. They don't have blacklists as such, more like lists they remove people from.

I don't know how other spammers deal, but many of them would do similar things.

I have seen mail spammers evolve into link spammers. For instance this one:


Sorry BroadProspect, I forgot that somehow in this fucked up world that blog spammers somehow have more morals than email spammers, so I'll just through some more viagra on the barbie and go back to being a humble Australian who obviously doesn't know fuck all about this.

To Spamhuntress, thanks for the info though, we might be on different sides of the fence but its interesting none the less.


I have spammed in my time and YES blog spammers do have more morals than email spammers,

The issues for a Good blog spammer is to sort the wheat from the chaff.... dead blogs against live blogs


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