A Good Cup of Tea

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There's absolutely nothing like a good cup of tea. Im not talking about herbal tea, or fruit tea, or even english breakfast tea. Im talking about a good strong cup of tea, brewed orange, with a pg tips, teabag.

Im talking about real english tea.

Coffee is okay, but if i had to give up one or the other, it wouldn't be tea! I generally start off the day with a cup of tea in bed, then downstairs for 2 cups of coffee and then back up to the office with another cup of tea to get working - around lunchtime it might occur to me to drink a little water, maybe...

I like it in the cold, i like it in 30+ degrees and i like it hot or cold - i just love tea!




What is the english obsession with such a foul brew?

Sometimes I can force myself to have a cup of tea but it needs to have plenty of everything, strong, milky with three sugars.

Coffee for me (preferably espresso based) every time! :O)

Um .. bored Nick? ;O)

hot chocolate

with marshmallows and a nice shortbread biscuit.

can't be beat.

start off the day with a cup

start off the day with a cup of tea in bed

Wish I had a Jeeves to bring me a hot cuppa' anything in the morning.

Coffee for me

Columbia Supremo (hand picked by Juan Valdez) roasted in my local Coffee Shop and then ground in my kitchen, it is truly the drink of the gods.

As I was writting this, a news story came on about the health benifits of drinking Coffee, it says that drinking Coffee will keep your Colin clean.... LOL


I never knew Juan had his own site.. ;-)

Love tea - black strong and

Love tea - black strong and hot. But having to limit caffine took a lot of the fun out of it. Decaffinated tea just isn't the same although I do drink it on winter afternoons to keep warm.

Coffee in the morning though, must have it. 3 - 4 strong mugs of dark roast coffee goodness. No decaf either.

I like toast!

All around the country and coast to coast
People always say, "what do you like most?"
I don’t want to brag, I don’t want to boast
I always tell ‘em, "I like toast."

I get up in the morning ‘bout six A.M.
Have a little jelly, have a little jam
Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot
Push down the lever and the wires get hot,
I get toast.

Now, there’s no secret to toasting perfection
There’s a dial on the side and you make your selection
Push to the dark or the light and then
If it pops too soon, press down again
Make toast.

When the first caveman drove in from the drags
Didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs
Must have met a genius, got it in his head
Plug the toaster in the wall, buy a bag of bread
Make toast.

Oui Monsieur, bonjour coquette,
Une croissant? Et vous auvent?
Maurice Chevalier, Eiffel Tower,
Oui Marie, baguette, bonsoir!


Gunpowder Tea

Juan Valdez, haven't heard that name in a while. I think he must have croaked. ukgimp and nick you might try some Gunpowder tea to appreciate a real tea bang.

Earl Grey, Hot

But then again, as my favorite Commander and Chief would order at the replicator, "Earl Grey, hot".

big fan of tea.

big fan of tea.

right until this thread I used to respect UK Gimp hehehe :)

zhonguo cha

Earl grey, English tea, yuck.

Give me Oolong leaves fresh from the Guanxi province :)

Tim Horton's coffee,

Tim Horton's coffee, X-Large, Double Cream. Most addicting stuff that's legal.

Plus toast - yup but it has to be very toasted and not some nancy uneven toast with the edges untoasted. The Hamilton Beach 22900 2-Slice Toaster is a good, cheap toaster that *finally* does the job right.


Mmmm Tim Hortons

Nice with "timbits" :OD

Tea Rocks

UKgimp, methinks you just put a contract out on yourself, how could you say such a thing mate ?


got three types of instant coffee here

- as well as several flavours of "real coffee" for the coffee presses (3 different sizes) so I guess you can call me a coffee man *lol*

Right now I like the Nescafé brand "NES" the best. True. Don't know in which country it's sold as there are all kinds of languages, even Russian letters on the can and I got it as a special import. If you happen to see it anywhere in the world, send me a line. Only got three 100 g cans left.

Second is Lavazza Italian Espresso. Thing I like the best, however, is plain and pure water with nothing added at all.

By the way, thunder is coming and thunder is perfect weather for a good strong cup of coffee.

Montana Mud or Milk Tea a la Japonaise

I drank a double ristretto Americano with sugar and 1/2 and 1/2 ["regulah" where I grew up] from Montana Mud for over 10 years! Then they closed so now I only get one at ex-owner Mell's home, made personally. Otherwise it's black tea with extra cream and sugar which we made in Japan and called "milk tea."

I am sure I would love a REAL English tea, but never had one - any advice on brands or how-to's?


Sure rox, get imported pg

Sure rox, get imported pg tips, or tetley teabags - put one in a cup, let it either brew for 4 mins, or bash it against the side of the cup 20 times or so then add milk till it looks a nice color...

easy peasy :)

Venti vanilla latte for me

Venti vanilla latte for me please!

Yea for TEA

its needs to be good and strong, but i always prefer it over coffee

PG Tips it is then!

Ah Nick, I fully expected teapots only and warmed cups etc. but it sounds like the way I make my Lipton. Never tried PG tips before, but I bet that's the ticket. We do have Tetley here, but I am always suspicious it's Americanized - not quite the "real thing."

I like Chai...


tea, toast, coffee...

...it's all good. But only if you're using the right kind of bread for the toast. And you're drinking the right kind of tea (gunpowder green, jasmine, earl grey, darjeeling...). Or you're drinking the right kind of coffee...

...get the wrong kind of any of them, and it's just a miserable disappointment. :-)


...or crumpets!

They don't sell them in Denmark, but i've found a good substitute: sour dough bread from the bakery in Chritenshavn (is that right) near cristiania - it's so good - im guessing crumpets are made from sour dogh, cos you can cut it real thick and toast it lightly and it's actually BETTER than an english crumpet :)

Of course, i always liked to partake of a little crumpet back home, but im married now so...

Mmmmmmm tea, jsut had a cup

Mmmmmmm tea, jsut had a cup of Tetley's myself, with a couple McVities digestive biscuits, perfect for dunking (well, apart from the size, they weren't the special designed ones to fit nicely into a mug).

Tea is deffinately something where cheap supermarket own brands don't cut it. Got to be something like Tetley's or PG Tips (I happily stay well away from all that Earl Grey type stuff too), can't beat it :)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A61345 Douglas Adams' take on tea ;)

Tim Horton's coffee,

Tim Horton's coffee, X-Large, Double Cream. Most addicting stuff that's legal.

Sip sip - having some now. Chris your spelling was right, it's Hortons not Horton's. All this time I've been drinking the stuff and learned something new today. lol (no bits tonight though).

As anyone that saw me at the

As anyone that saw me at the TW meet I am a tea fiend.

Nick, yuo'er sooooo right. Gimme tea, more tea and even more tea.

Let me recomend one of the best brands available, second only to PG Tips (loose leave, none of this teabag rubbish) and that is Yorkshire Tea.

Just don't tell DaveN I like something from up North :P

Yorkshire Tea

One of the few worthwhile things coming from here ;O) You can buy it online

Tea is good stuff, but am

Tea is good stuff, but am getting myself hooked on coffee and its eating into my tea intake.

For creamy coffee lovers, try this...

...bring your favorite milk to a boil in a pan with some of your favorite coffee grounds (preferably fresh) thrown in. Let it simmer for a bit (i.e. reduce heat) until it is a caramel color or slightly less so. Pour into a cup through a strainer. Add sugar to taste (but not really necessary if your milk isn't too thin).

You could probably go this route with tea too although in a tea bag/ball would help since the leaves may float in pure milk.

Yorkshire Tea

For those of us in the US, I notice that you can get Yorkshire Tea through Amazon.com. PG Tips too.

Here's something for you PG Tips fans

the world's most expensive diamond-studded tea bag!

...imagine that. It's a competition, and you win a year's suppy of Tea to go with it.

Yorkshire Tea is the BEST

It just is.

Cup of tea

Agree with Richard - tea is boring

Tea is not boring

Coffee is the one that's boring, brown mud shit with some froth on top that you've got to sprinkle stuff on to make it drinkable, whereas tea comes in many flavours and is enjoyed even with or without milk. My personal choice: Twining Earl Grey or English Breakfast, preferrably the leaf variety, sat in an oldstyle tea pot for atleast 5 minutes, although I do compromise and use teabags at other times, but never anything less than Twinnings, which here in Australia is atleast twice as dear as most of the other brands. Then again I'm a tea snob.

I read somewhere...

...that tea is a good remedy for halitosis. I don't think it works if you add milk though.

I remember having tea with milk when I was a kid.... Like having beer with 7-up. Or coffee with lotsa milk and sugar. Wodka and cocoa. Pisang Ambon and orange juice. In other words: kiddie drinks hehehe.

PS: I always thought that in Australia beer and tea tasted more or less the same ;-]

Cup of coffee

Agree with duncanriley - coffee is boring


Have you tried a decent brew of Yorkshire Tea?

Hang on..

This thread is about tea, not drinking tea in pubs.

That's a totally different kettle of ballgames.

London Fog

The trendy drink in our neck of the woods these days is London Fog. Steam the milk, add Earl Grey tea bag and Vanilla Syrup (or vanilla with sugar), steep for 4 minutes. It's like the tea version of a machiato, without the intense amounts of fat and sugar.

Australian tea

that's why I drink English tea Wit, Australian tea is shite, but I do enjoy the odd dash of milk when I'm in a rush, but it should never be more than a small amount so as to not take from the taste: a low fat, tasteless milk is best, full cream dominates the tea. Cant say I've tried Yorkshire tea. I've tried some dearer tea again in a proper old-fashioned tea house in Melbourne a couple of years back, it was dearer than drinking spirits, and it was quite devine, but I don't remember the name of it, but I'm told its the Moet Chondon of teas.

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