Microsoft - "We will Catch Up, We Will Surpass"

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Microsoft CEO says to double ad revenue in 5 years
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Andy Beal reports on the Reuters news above. Ballmer says that they will catch up and surpass Google and Yahoo.

Interesting times, interesting times...


What I find interesting is that Microsoft is into so much

Video Games - arguably they've got the best console & games out there.

MSNBC - news channel on the television.

And now beyond their Portal, they're claiming that their advertising revenue from internet stuff is going to go ballistic. Ok, but since when have they actually broken out those statistics about their MSN unit in their filings?

Never, afaik - so for the public to actually "follow along" the Microsoft hype, we'd need to know the numbers - Google & Yahoo are both public, and their monies are accounted for. Microsoft doesn't have those numbers for us to read through, so...hype? Bluster?

Dunno, but they do seem to be cranking it up a notch. Their search product could be awesome, if they put into it all the amazing research their scientists have been publishing.

>>"We will Catch Up, We Will

>>"We will Catch Up, We Will Surpass"

Hehe, Balmer would have made a great Dalek from Dr. Who, "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

>>Their search product could be awesome,

I have to agree with Jeremy, I expect it to be be very good and to give Google some real competition. They have a lot of money and talent.

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