Google & Co. Throw $100M at Broadband over Electric

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Google, partners to back broadband venture -WSJ
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Google, Goldman Sachs and Hearst are chucking $100M at a startup called Current Communications involved with broadband over electric wires

Current Communications, of Germantown, Maryland, uses a technology that sends Internet signals over regular power lines, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the situation.

Current, a closely held company, offers its high-speed service in the Cincinnati area and is expected to use its new investment to expand, the Journal said.


Old tech?

Thats not really a new tech, there are loads of European companies offering the same.

There is demand here in the

There is demand here in the US. Most of the suburban US is so sprawled out we are too far from the phone company switching station to use DSL. That leaves cable ISP's with a broadband monopoly in many areas. If this technology can be proven to work on a large scale it will be welcome.


They get all that user data that they're after.

Subscriber base

...would be nice to pitch into, yeah...

The problem with DSL over power lines...

is the same as DSL over phone - signal quality degrades rapidly over distance, which upsets the basic assumptions of the technology, dropping the transfer speeds. Where the phone line distance is too long for DSL, it's likely that the power cable distance will be too long, or at the ragged edge too. Still, it will provide a competitor to cable in a lot of places, and will make them sit up and take notice

They get all that user data

They get all that user data that they're after.

How? And specifically what user data?

User data

And specifically what user data?

Oh y'know, how long you use the microwave for, how often you charge you phone, that sort of thing. :)


By being an ISP...

The Web Accelerator would also give them this type of data if it was used by enough people.

Won't be long 'til they know how often you buy new panties.

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