Charged with WI-FI Theft? Crikey...

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Man Charged With Stealing Wi-Fi Signal
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Not entirely astonishingly, comes news that a man has charged with stealing a wi-fi signal heh!

Kind of trivial, but quite expected, and really quite reasonable under certain circumstances - i'd not be happy if someone was repeatedly stealing my bandwidth...

Thanks todd!


So that's how the click fraudsters do it.

Seriously though. This will become a larger problem with more attention over time prompting vendors to start having routers and wireless NICs use encryption and/or MAC address filtering by default during installation of said product.


A felony...damn. Perhaps their should be a stupidity tax for those who don't secure their wifi as well?


don't tell me neighbour - I'm still waiting for my new internet connection to be connected.

I'm sitting near an open window against a wall to get the best signal.

For some strange reason I feel like I might need to go to one of those Chinese clinics

felony? really?

wow, a felony for just 'borrowing' someone's internet. i think he'll get off as long as he wasn't doing anything shady....

i guess this goes back to the argument that says - 'is it really considered breaking and entering if they left their door unlocked?' ... who knows.

Ha, my computer connects to

Ha, my computer connects to unprotected networks by default. Maybe they should be sueing intel and microsoft.

Hacking or Theft of Bandwidth?

pretrial hearing this month following his April arrest on charges of unauthorized access to a computer network, a third-degree felony.

That sounds like a hacking charge. Technically I guess it was hacking; but it seems a bit harsh if all he was doing was using bandwidth and not trying to access computers inside the home.

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