Bing and Yahoo Still Trying To Acquire Market Share With Lawyers, Not Earning it With High Quality SERPs


Via SEL, Yahoo and Bing will be extending a deadline to renegotiate their current partnership in the search space. 5 years into a 10 year deal, both parties can opt our or renegotiate a new deal, according to the terms of the original partnership. As the SEL article points out, however, in terms of combined market share, they've basically been flat for half a decade - any gains one made essentially came at the expense of the other -robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

Recent initiatives, like Yahoo's placement as the default search engine in the Firefox browser, saw some quick bumps in market share, but as users noticed the change, many of them switched right back to Google, quickly erasing any gains made. A clear lesson to learn from this 5 year experiment, then, is that market share in search can't be drastically impacted by legal arrangements or partnerships - search users are EARNED with high quality search results, not acquired through lawyers.