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This is really, really stunning interface design - I shouldn't expect to be using it on an ecom site anytime in the near future, but man, that really is some piece of work!

It took me a little while to get it, despite the fact that they said i'd get it immediately - but then im a bit visually challenged so that may not mean much..

what do you think?


Would have been awesome if

Would have been awesome if the author didn't forget about this old fogey who's still on 800 x 600.


I played around with it a week ago or so. I think it's "awesome" in the sense of being unique and creative, but I'd never, ever, EVER want to use it on any site I work on, nor would I want to see it on any site I visit regularly. Just far too agonizingly slow to wait for every piece to move into place so I can continue. I'll keep the immediacy of clicks, thanks very much.

It is nice - reminds me very

It is nice - reminds me very much of how I expect internet 3-D to be navigated, once that finally arrives.

Arghhh ....

I feel a pro-usability / anti-Flash rant coming on ... Must. Walk. Away.

It's impressive and

It's impressive and inventive but it sort of reminds me of how interfaces are imagined in hollywood - big on WOW but completely useless in real life.

(And I couldn't help but remember the term Mystery Meat)

Argghhh more flash only site... people should post warnings when linking to those.

I'm fed up with seeing those blank pages with "Click here to get the plugin". Awesome? My .... No I won't freaking "click here". I don't have the freaking plugin because I don't freaking want it. Dang.

(Had kind of a bad day today...)

its easy to not click

but certainly not entirely intuative. And more irritating because you play with something and it asks for feedback then you play with the next one and expect it to do the same.

As art it's fine. But having that as your nav would be like having Tracy Emin decorate your bedroom.


The only info Google can index/cache is their HTML bandwidth usage message.

Cool concept. I'll leave it at that.

sort of reminds me of how

sort of reminds me of how interfaces are imagined in hollywood - big on WOW but completely useless in real life

That nails it. It's a fantastic work though i think, it's from these kinds of things that we eventually get working, usable new ideas...

It is incredibly slow...

and I couldn't figure it out either...I guess you just hover? But it takes forever to get any "link" up when you hover.

I think it's terrible.

tried a flash-enabled browser

- that can be done with good old html and javascript as well. My company site actually had non-click navigation for the first year or so. No big deal, Flash is just way slower.

I guess you could even get the same look and feel by using a lot of images as well (which is what Flash does). On top of this, a html-version would be indexed nicely in the SE's and be usable for everybody.

Kind of reminds of this a little, only less cool... it be:

Although they should have made the zoom function operate off of the mouse wheel.

It's creative

Okay, so it blows Steve Krugs' "Don't Make Me Think" premise to hell, but I love it when a web site dares me or challenges me to try something new. I could see this being adapted for use for some types of disabilities. While it wouldn't work for a lot of us, it could be the ticket to the Internet for others. As for resisting the click, once I got the hang of it, I was able to resist it easily. Usability is (in small part) part learnability, after all.

Somewhat intuitive...

...and it walks you through (fairly) sequentially.

>I would NEVER want to use it on any site I work on
I think for something that NEEDS to be sequential it has potential...for the right application I think this could be very beneficial (say a type of new process that NO ONE is familiar with before seeing it). Yes, I missed the click, because it has become natural to us, but it only took a click to be taught the lesson and rules.

Regardless of if it could be useful or not, it was quite cool!

It isn't intuitive at all,

It isn't intuitive at all, its annoying and bogus.

The click is the point. If my cursor roams, I don't want to to take an affirmative action until I tell it to do so. This destroys that. The click also acts as a rudimentary sensory interface -- by clicking, I am recognising touch and soundm as well as on-screen actions, and these sensory responses from the computer tell me that I've taken action.

I struggle to think of an instance even in Cinema where this kind of thing works. I'm pretty sure in Minority report he didn't select things by looking at them -- he viewed them all as they (automatically) cycled, then selected with his touchy-feely senses.

Also, this is a few months old. And I hated it then, too. ;)

Interesting design

Interesting design concept... hardly great for usability though. Welcome to the 21st Century, Claus. If you are still set against the flash plugin after 9 years of it being used in more and more websites, then you're missing out on some mind-blowing sites.

Tried it with a tablet?


One Word Interesting for about five seconds....

Then it becomes quite aggervating.. Of course my 12 yr old daughter thinks it's quite cool if that tells you anything :()

trigger finger

Strategy is very interesting though the execution is still a bit flawed in terms of usability. I definitely see this type of UI evolving in the near future. It should be fun to watch. And it will definitely help to reduce the cases of trigger finger in the future (trigger finger is a condition that used to happen to people who shoot guns a lot causing a stiffening and pain in their index finger, now it has been linked to excessive "clicking" of a mouse)

12 yr old!

designz - in fact I believe it's good practice to design your sites as if the audience consists mainly of 12-year-olds. Unless you're into the adult business of course: in that case it's a strange mix of under ten and over 18 ;p

read the manual?

>>good practice to design your sites as if the audience consists mainly of 12-year-olds

that's the line video recorder designers fell for and look what happened there....

They did not succeed

...IMV ;-]

I didn't get it

I guess I am too old and set in my ways.

I did click though, got static and hit the back button (at least it still worked).

that's really cool!

for a game, or peice of artwork...

...or a backlink

Where's the ads (and if there are any, how'd you "click" on them hehehe)?

Interesting but bollocks

>> The click is the point. If my cursor roams, I don't want to to take an affirmative action until I tell it to do so.

...and that's the killer. I found it hard to use the lists initially, because as you mouseover 1 option, it expands, and removes the other options. you can get around that by moving your cursor BESIDE the list, then cutting in where you want, but that isn't intuitive...

You'd need to add a 3rd dimension to make this really work, a z-axis. Once 3d holographic monitors are available, I think this wil work fine. But not until then

I - apparently - accidentally 'clicked'...

...on "yes, I miss clicking" while moving to "no...."

Hmmm, maybe the hover thing is not quite perfect yet!

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