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Changing of the Guards - Farewell from old ASA
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Been "announced" by the old AdSenseAdvisor at WMW that a new poster will be posting under the same sobriquet. There has been heat generated at TW (and elsewhere) about Google's use of unattributed sources. ASA appears to be as "official" as Google get, but has not (at least under the old model) done much to make any contribution at WMW, with around 100 posts in a year and a half.

I'm stepping down as ASA, and another Googler has dutifully assumed the role. He/she is the one who's been posting as of today. This should come as a pleasant surprise to many of you who've longed for ASA to be more involved with the AdSense forum as AWA is with the AdWords forum. While the new ASA does have "day job" responsibilities at Google, he/she will be able to spend more time conversing with y'all