Nick Wilson enjoys birthday

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Happy Birthday, Nick!
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In breaking news, it was revealed that Denmark today is sunny, hot - and the scene of Nick Wilson's 34th birthday:

It's a beautiful day in Denmark today, the sun is shining, it's HOT HOT HOT and my 34th - im planning on spending the afternoon playing in the paddling pool with Robyn, and having a few beers in the sun, hooray!

Government agencies were believed to be investigating the reports, while Threadwatchers may wish to simply say...happy birthday. :)


Lemme be the second then...

(oh no, not a smiley, aaaarrrrgghh)

Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick!


Happy Birthday. enjoy.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen gamle jas!

Ivana will get the message to Birthday Boy :)

I understand 99% of it :)

I understand 99% of it :) what's 'jas'?

Thanks brian, guys.

Gonna break my lazy day to do the rss now :)

happy Bday Nick

happy Bday Nick

happy birthday Nick

happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday Nick W...happy birthday to you

have a good day Nick :)

all the best

all the best

Having a few beers...

...and paddling in the pool sound like a great way to spend the day.

Happy birthday!

(34? What a young pup!)

34? What a young pup!

I was just thinking the opposite, hehe...(althought I'm not that far behind)

Happy Birthday Nick - Hope you have a good one!

Happy Birthday Nick

Enjoy your day in the sun!

Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a good one, Nick!

Mine was last week, but you are a decade younger!

Happy Birthday

34? You don't look a day over 33 ;O)

(31 on 29th)


See what I miss, not logging in for a few days?

Hope your whole birthday weekend was fantastic Nick! :-D You old geezer, you!

Hehe, jas?

Think mivox gottit:

>You old geezer, you!


Happy Birthday Nick, Hope

Happy Birthday Nick,

Hope you don't work so much today, ;)

A cancer too? I knew there was a reason I liked you!

I just turned, well - had my b-day almost two weeks back. Happy B-day, Nick - hopefully you had enough fun to enjoy yourself, but not so much that you needed to sleep all day the next day. (trust me, bad idea).

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