It's so damn HOT!

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It really is. I had to buy an air-conditioning unit for my small upstairs office - you just couldn't be in here for more than 20mins between 2pm and 10pm before...

Everyone having fun this weekend?


Air-conditioning as cooling agent, no!

Beer as cooling agent, yes!

It's your birthday, get out of that office. BTW it's freezing in the mountains today, so enjoy the heat up there.

Use the cellar.

With wifi, nowadays there's no need to be confined to a "small upstairs office", right?

Or is your cellar filled with barrels of wine!?

The celler is tiny, about

The celler is tiny, about room enough for 4/5 crates of beer side by side on the floor you know?

Downstairs would be better, but then i get too distracted with tv, robyn, ivana, stuff....


...that IS tiny.

I once found out that I could stack 14 crates of beer in the boot of my Jetta sedan!

Cold here. I don't think it

Cold here. I don't think it got above 16C today and will probably get down to zero or just below this evening. The heater is on, curry is slowly cooking, half the bottle of red wine has been consumed (very pleasant it is too) and the rugby on TV is not very entertaining.


- that's one of the reasons I went self-employed back when. If it's too hot (or cold, or whatever) I'll just find something else to do in stead of working. Today it was the beach - one of my favorite places to go. Oh, and swimming is better for you than using the mouse.

No, I don't earn too much. I don't have too many worries either ;-)

NIce! We havn't made the


We havn't made the beach at all this summer so far :( Waiting for ivana to pass her driving test, third time lucky...

*lol* @ driving test

I never passed it myself, but that didn't keep me away from the beach *lol* But then, there's still at least one full month left of the summer so you can still make it. Even if it should rain for a week or two August is usually a great month :)

Freaking Hot Here

Today was the first day of sub-100 degree temps here in Texas. It was 99. With the humidity it still feels about 110 degrees. I tried valiantly to get up early enough so that it was cool enough outside for me to do some boost map testing on the car, but the air quality is so piss poor that there wasn't much to be learned.

So, I sit here and flip through the Formula One weekend on TiVo watching jeffmol get the wood put to him instead.


Man, it's unbearably hot in denmark today!

I know there are pm's waiting for me to answer, please bear with me for a bit, it's just too hot to think straight right now - i'll be on the case this evening when it cools down a bit :)

How hot could Denmark be?

Seems like a fan would make all the difference in the world. It's been in the 90 - 100 degree range for the last month in Texas (That's 32 - 38 degrees for you non Fahrenheit types.)

well it was 27 according to

well it was 27 according to the gas station thingy today, but it's the humidity that hurts..


i bought an air-con for the office, but it's stil shit hot...

Right now it looks like

Right now it looks like wer're minutes away from a big thunderstorm :)


...there's no pleasing you is there ;) ;)

On top of the Rockies

it is cool and a little overcast this morning, right now, it is about 80f (26.6c).

I had all the windows and doors open to catch the cool breeze this morning, it was great. But now it is starting to warm up, we are expecting highs today of over 100f (37.7c)

On a side note;
I have spent the last two days setting up a wireless network of 12 boxes...

The wireless part is great, it is the network that sucks (I hate Windows software).

It's starting to warm up

It's starting to warm up here a bit in NYC. Just below 90 now, will probably go up a few degrees over the next hour. But thankfully it is basically bone dry, humidity under 40%.

Think it's time to call it a day and go out and enjoy a quiet city afternoon.

Hot hot

Forecast says up to 30 today, Nick. Come hang out with us in Copenhagen on the 2nd floor. Hot, hot, hoooooooooot!

If Ivana does third time

If Ivana does third time lucky with her driving test... i'll definately be down for a visit.

Astonishing that we've never managed to have a beer in Denmark! heh..

I've gone and caught a summer cold now, so expect copious whining and sympathy grabbing - it's the male way...

"Whinging males" a female myth...

...according to this study

"Until fairly recently it was controversial to suggest that there were any differences between males and females in the perception and experience of pain, but that is no longer the case,” said Dr Ed Keogh a psychologist from the Pain Management Unit at the University of Bath.

and I hope Ivana passes. I passed on my third attempt (or technically fourth, depending on how you count it, long story), as do all the best drivers ;)

Agree there

I failed and failed and failed. Bad nerves. Also a driving instructor who said "when you fail dont come crying to me it will be your own fault". Funny pep talk that. Should really have punched him in the face but I was only young.

some people are just good at tests

Well I passed the test on the first try, then proceeded to get into 8 car crashes in the next 12 months.

heh- go figure

now that's just careless

1 is obviously expected but 8 convinces me to never get in a car with you :)

Wait a minute

27 degrees celsius is 80 degrees. You're whining about 80 degrees?

*hand up* Oh honey honey honey...

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