Amazon Test Content Matching for Recommended Products

Story Text:

Amazon associates recieved notification that they are testing content matching for Recommended Product Links.

Here's the email:

Starting in the middle of July, you may notice a wider variety of products displayed in the keyword-based Recommended Product Links on your Web site. We are investigating ways to help you earn more by changing the way we select products for these placements - such as using Amazon technology to select products related to your Web page content or to recommend items similar to those you have referred in the past. The goal of these changes is to increase the number of clicks on, and resulting purchases originating from your links. The appearance of these links will not change, and the items displayed will continue to be from the product line you chose when you built the link.

At the end of our investigation, we will use the product selection techniques that drive the highest Associate earnings to further enhance our served links and offer new features that help Associates pick the best ads to display on their Web site.

If you'd prefer for your links to retain their current behavior during our investigation, send an email to...