Your Greatest Web Dev Cock Ups....

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Launched a site last week and emailed a few thousand people about it. Fine, working nicely. But I was getting a lot of people contacting me saying "how do I change my XYZ membership status?"

So I am there getting more and more hacked off, wondering why i was getting so many emails off of estate agents, surely they cant be that thick.....see that big drop down box you muppet? Click that.

Emails rolled through, so I thought i had better check......Ooooops, there was no big drop down box but the DB has it set to default to 'n'. There is the dropdown in the edit section and the admin panel though lol.

So come on share with us your little cock ups if you have the balls ;-)


In the early days of TW, i

In the early days of TW, i managed to delete the "theme" - it's seriously hacked for this site, and had to do a 3hr sweaty palmed coding session from memory while a few hundred people saw TW with it's pants down :)

so many to choose from....

worst was when one of our developers forgot to change the global file to point to the test database and also forgot a where clause in a query.

luckily we restored from backup before the site owner noticed that all of his hotels were available at a knock down price....


This is where using my own name as my TW login makes contributing a bad idea :O)

Generating order IDs, based

Generating order IDs, based on a unix timestamp and some random numbers. Had the timestamp at the beginning, failing to realise that the id field wanted integers beginning with a positive number. Was launched in October, and was fine until January, when the web admin couldn't retreive any orders because the timestamp had ticked over into 01 and the database was returning empty results as it looked up starting at the 1.

ho hum.

come on gaylords :-)

I know there are some pealers out the serious name that sent 25K+ leads to an affiliate program and was just about to write it off cos it was a "shit converter"....then realised the aff ID was ommited in the code hehehe

I would but

to be honest wouldn't know where to start, runs into the 1000's.

how about a custom CMS

how about a custom CMS (multi-site capable) that goes rogue and deletes most of your network, including your top dog? that's happening right now.

shit rc, that don't sound

shit rc, that don't sound good...

oh, and i once cloaked a

oh, and i once cloaked a site back to front - duh...

>that don't sound good No,

>that don't sound good

No, it wasn't much fun at all. I'm pretty sure the culprit was a syncronization file that compares the domain structure to the client-side mirror. Whatever the cause, the server somehow decided that it was time to nuke about 1000 files. It also got VERY obsessive-compulsive and would not stop until the job was done, even if I broke the session. When I logged back in it went back to deleting. So, before I could attempt a rebuild I had to sit there and watch it mow everything down.

I'm back now, though (I think).

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