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A Unique Keyword Suggestion Service for Small Businesses.
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Back in May, we mentioned that HitWise were to launch, a product aimed at the lower end of the market for keyword research. (Hitwise is very expensive for smaller webmasters/businesses). They've done it, and although we're a bit late with the news, i'd love to hear if anyone signed up for it, and what you think of it?

Starting at $89.95 USD/month - Keyword Intelligence gives you:

  • The most popular search term variations for any word
  • The most popular search terms for your Industry
  • Easy-to-use tools to manage your keyword lists
  • Market-specific search terms for the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


Hitwise data is pretty

Hitwise data is pretty interesting stuff, though my main complaint is that they won't let you compile search data over time period less than four weeks. It makes it more difficult to track certain trends.

edit - just noticed the title on this, kindof funny

Signed up - Great

Signed up - Great product.

My advice is don't use it though. :P

>>My advice is don't use it

>>My advice is don't use it though. :P


>>My advice is don't use it

>>My advice is don't use it though. :P


I don't want the competition to have access to the data!

one more complaint

they don't let you view search intelligence as it relates to a site and it's subdomains. It's a bear to compile it otherwise

Haven't used it, but no seasonal data with this service.

Might be a good deal for some webmasters at that price, but if you want seasonal data (I am interested in that), it's still only available with their "Hitwise search intelligence" which is part of their main service (and alot more money)

I have used Priority Submit data before to check seasonal trends and I like it - plus it's reasonably priced.

The problem that Hitwise had

The problem that Hitwise had was to protect their core and expensive product whilst still enlarging their reach.

The value in the KWI product is in the country demographics. If you operate or only care in UK, US, CA, NZ or AU traffic then I don't believe you can publicly buy similar data anywhere.

Any Suggestions for Other Products?

Does anyone use other products that they like/reccomend?
And if you like them, why?

My problem with the HitWise

My problem with the HitWise data has always been that it seems to only cover the "top" of the keyword pile. As an example, I had a seles rep from HitWise run a report for a client I work for in a very competitive market. The report showed that the competitors got more search traffic than my client but not one single of the approx 35-40,000 keyword my client gets their 300k monthly search visitors from was listed!

So actually I was quite happy - at least if our competitors buy this because they look at it and think: We are doing pretty good, when in fact they are not :)

I've just started using this

I've just started using this and my initial thoughts are that it is good but like all tools the data has some strange inaccuracies.

Business insurance for example is around the 450 mark in the insurance industry, some 20 places below gallstones !! I think this is largely due to it being a term which mostly seo sites are showing for which Hitwise have not marked as insurance related.

I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts who are using it

Sounds good

I'll definitely give it a whirl. I like the fact that they country specific search terms. That's something I always wished WordTracker had.

I don't see it as a replacement for what I've been using to date but another tool to add to the kit.

from looking through the

from looking through the data I totally have to agree with what Mikkel said

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