.mobi Tld to Go Live

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New Domain Targets Mobile Phones
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Back in December we mentioned ICANN's preliminary approval of .mobi for mobile phones. Despite their being some concern that it goes against the principles of the internet (and i'd agree with that 100%), the new TLD will go ahead.

Backed by Nokia, Vodafone and MS among others, it's not so surprising it went through, and you'll be able to register .mobi domains in about 3 months or so


You can catch the BBC

You can catch the BBC coverage here also

I don't likey either.

The .xxx one made sense. This one doesn't (I thought that was what user agent type differentiation was about).

Nick: I replied to your "backup automation" post in terms of "filename" issues for the "scp".

yeah, i did see. sorry

yeah, i did see. sorry stephen, will reply - got a cold and my head hurts, was going to do it tomorrow morning :)


yep, agree 100% that one *does* make sense i think - though you'd think that adequate warnings or somesuch would suffice...

I think the controversy is much ado about nothing

The Web went against the concept of the Internet back when it was first introduced. And what Tim Berners-Lee originally proposed was much simpler than this blog site.

Let the new TLD come out and we'll see what happens.

Ohhh....mobile phones...

Thought it was for fans of that singer guy Mobi...or is he Moby? ;)

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