E-Mail, not social media, is the key for Millenial marketing


Brands have always tried to keep up with the young crowd, tailoring their marketing to appeal. Over the last decade or so this has meant developing a social media marketing campaign, spanning various social networks in a someitmes desperate quest for likes, shares, retweets and recognition.

While Millennials can certainly be reached through these channels, a recent study by Principal Financial Group showed e-mail is actually one of the best opportunities for brands to connect with the demographic.

It makes sense. Young people want to use Facebook and Twitter for their personal lives. While an older generation may have become accustomed to sending emails between friends and family like they once did with postcards, now texting, Twitter and Facebook allow for real-time conversation and e-mail has become a place for receipts and newsletters.

Also spam. Plenty of that.

But really, e-mail, for the younger generation, has morphed into a channel for brand and professional communication. 90% of Millennials use it regularly, and they do not change clients or addresses nearly as often as they hop from one social network to another. 

In response to this study, Marketing Land wrote up some best practices for brands to utilize in their email marketing strategies. Check it out here: http://marketingland.com/speak-millennial-use-email-124811. Some highlights:

-Make sure the emails are mobile friendly-Make the emails personalized-Allow recipients to opt in or out as they please-Include video-Don't overdo it with text-Allow users to jump straight from the email to brand social accounts-Give exclusive offers via email campaigns