Mobilegeddon is Over but Google and Microsoft Are Not Done


April 21, 2015... a day that was supposed to live in infamy for search marketers. Everyone gathered their digital duct tape and Kleenex and hid in their Google2K shelters, staring at their smartphones, waiting for Google to take away everything they've ever loved.

Reddit was hit along with a small handful of others, but then all was quiet. Some thought it was the calm before the storm; that the update was still rolling out. Then Google announced it was over.

So what does this mean? If your website was unaffected does this mean you've dodged the swing of the reaper's scythe?

Maybe for the short term, but Google and other tech giants are making more and more strides to become involved in your mobile experience.

Last week Google announced and launched voice connectivity with third party apps. Microsoft also announced that Cortana will be able to launch apps and that it is searching for ways Cortana can complete tasks within apps using its own user interface rather than launching the related apps. This comes just after a study was published stating 64% of smartphone users use digital assistants at least once a week. 

Likewise, while the majority of people use both desktop and mobile to peruse the Internet, there are more people who use exclusively use mobile devices for Internet activity than there ever have been in the past. In March 2015 the number of people who exclusively use mobile devices for Internet activity and do not use desktops was higher than the number of those who exclusively use desktops for the same purpose.

With these statistics, it is easy to see the trend. How will you prepare for the inevitable Mobilegeddon Redux?