Emoji and Semantic Analysis


We've just heard about Google showing Emoji icons in search and Bind even using them as search queries and here's a new awesome update envolving Emoji: Instagram published their Emojineering research.

On Instagram, emoji are becoming a valid and near-universal method of expression in all languages. Emoji usage is shifting the people’s vocabulary on Instagram and becoming an important means of expression: their use is anti-correlated with internet slang like “lol” and “xoxo.” By observing words and emoji together we were able to discern representations of both. These representations can help us better understand their semantics and find distinctive characteristics of similar symbols.

A few takeaways:

For the popularity of Emojis we need to thank... Apple. So here you go: "THANKS" </sarcasm>

More importantly, Emojis may well substitute many (most?) of the words we use... You better be prepared. Instagram does a great job investigating their meanings and context:


Now, to a more interesting part: emoji can be hashtags! OMG: