The Fallout From MobileGeddon: What’s the Impact on Your Business?


"Two weeks after MobileGeddon, everyone from Moz to Search Engine Land are reporting limited to no fallout from Google’s mobile algorithm change. Could it be that the impact from the algorithm rollout is simply slower than expected — or have most major businesses really escaped unscathed?"

Comments from Dr. Pete, Barry Schwartz, Matt Hoff and Ann Smarty.

Published on SmallBizTrends:

Thought I'd share it here and see if anyone else has run into issues with dropping (or climbing) traffic yet. 



Mobile ready

I can never figure out why people can't slide into the shoes of Google and see everything from their perspective.

When everyone was putting W3C badges all over their websites to show that they could write code according to the latest standards everyone thought this would have to be a major determining factor in Google's algo. Someone finally asked Matt Cutts, and he replied, no, a huge percentage of the web is non-compliant. Do you expect us to deny all that good information front page placements because they don't meet some coding standard? Then he said, Heck the Google front page isn't W3C compliant, and we made it that way because it loads faster.

The key has always been INFORMATION. You can have the crappiest website in the world, but if it is the only one supplying some piece of knowledge that Google thinks the world should know about, then it is going to rank.

I'm sure Google decided that those websites that don't embrace mobile will only be penalized by the public. We are not going to have a hand in removing a 10,000 page government website because it isn't mobile friendly. Nowhere in our algo will we prevent the public from finding information they need based on some standard irrelevant to the quality of their information.

It is just common sense. Content is king! Always has been.




Great Reply

I would just add one thing content (and links) are king ;)

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