Canada To Ban Search Engines

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Googling May Break Copyright in Canada
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This is being seriously discussed as a consequence of new copyright laws being put through the Canadian House of Commons. Effectively any search or archive service that provides access to copyright materials could be in breach of "Bill C-60".

Surely in this day and age sanity will prevail?


best... idea... ever!

best... idea... ever!

brings home just how

brings home just how desperately fragile the SE biz model really is doesn't it? And why Google are doing everything in their power to develope alternate streams...


Best idea *ever* was putting the stuff that drips out of certain trees into little pots for people to pour onto pancakes. This comes close though .. ;OP

Let's remember who we're talking about here

Hey folks. Quick reality check. This is Canada. Our government is always talking about doing some screwball thing or another. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

The bill is in first reading which means it will likely be picked apart and rewritten in parliamentary committee or in the senate. Besides which, everyone knows we don't really have cops over here, at least not out here on the left-coast. We have a bunch of really nice guys in red suits who just ride around smoking pot all day long looking for the next Tim Hortons.

What's that all aboot, eh?

Just kidding, I seriously hope this is just a joke for pot smokers to giggle at for a bit.

We have a bunch of really

We have a bunch of really nice guys in red suits who just ride around smoking pot all day long looking for the next Tim Hortons.

You think they would be willing to give lessons to our American cops? American cops NEED to relax more...

Shouldn't blame the search engines

For finding 'relevant' information. Who should be monitored more are the companies collecting and archiving the information. IMHO It's their responsibility to make sure the info is secure.

We have a bunch of really nice guys in red suits who just ride around smoking pot all day long looking for the next Tim Hortons.

True that, wish I got paid to get high and drink timmy's. Course they have to wear those pants...

Aboot Luddites

If this means directories will make a comeback I'm ready. :)

Maybe Not as Silly as It Seems on its Face

The Search Engines, and similar sites that use content from other peoples' sites to provide services (free and commercial) have been treating a robots.txt file as if it were a Creative Commons license for years, and building their businesses on the content of other folks' efforts.

In many instances, that is a positive, symbiotic relationship, but legally, it is murky. There's been no express granting of license to use copyrighted material by anyone, just acquiesence.

And the courts haven't ruled expressly on whether or not the caching of copies of pages, and the storage of information in a search engine's "copy of the web" is a fair use exception to copyright.

Legislatures have been hands off in a lot of instances when it comes to regulating the web, though whether on purpose, or because the amount of time it takes them to act makes their actions obsolete, is a good question. I haven't read the proposed bill, and I'm not prepared to really call it silly until I do. Especially after reading Michael Geist's comments on the subject, like this one:

The most disheartening aspect of Bill C-60 is that there is so little in it that unifies technology with culture and education to the benefit of all. Rather, the potential of the Internet is viewed as a threat, leading to legislative provisions that will leave Canada looking on enviously at other countries that courageously put the public interest first.

Bill C-60 is a positive thing

Really, it is - it's main function as far as I understand is to prevent the unauthorized distribution of an individuals information, not to hinder access to information...of course If I'm off the mark let me know.

Many companies, some really big ones, are really careless when it comes to the privacy of the individual. Shouldn't they be held accountable?

Dust off the autosubmitter...

I guess if this actually went through it would mean a revival of URL submitting and that all SEs targeting Canada will have to serve no "found by crawl" pages.


That is just crazy and hopefully it wont happen.

I'll just refer you back to

I'll just refer you back to stepforth-jim's comment ;)

hey jim - we should hook up a coffee at one of those Tim Horton's :) I'm just down the road from you in View Royal.

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