Clinton wades into GTA sex storm

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Clinton wades into GTA sex storm
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You wonder why politicians do it - give publicity to the thing they are seeking to ban. It appears that the manufacturers of the game included the sex content, but the punter could not access it - alongs comes a hacker and gives punters the wherewithall to view the forbidden fruit. Now we all want it. The hacker said "all the scenes unlocked by the mod were in the original game but were simply inaccessible."

The downloadable mod was put together by Dutch GTA fan Patrick Wildenborg and is said to unlock mini-games in the recently-released PC version of San Andreas that lets players make game characters have sex


Rockstar is denying that the

Rockstar is denying that the scenes were included in the PC version of the game and they insist that the hack adds the sexual content. If so, that's a big hack as the scenes are actually mini-games.

I think the game has an A rating, now they want an AO rating. As if 17 year-olds aren't familiar with sex. I'm still trying to figure out why a parent that allows their kid to play that game, would get upset about the sex in it. "I don't mind if you beat people to death with a baseball bat, or steal cars, but NO sex Junior".

>>You wonder why politicians do it

Nope, I don't. They do it cuz it makes people talk about them.

Good or bad does not matter, as long as someone is talking about them and their name is out there.

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