Are Link Algo's Destroying the Web?

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Are Links Hurting Search Relevance?
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Discussion concerning how the link craze may have damaged content relevancy on the internet, especially conerning search engine results.


Hey Chris!

Thanks Chris! Im sure that one is getting quite hysterical already right? - I've only had the briefest of looks but will revist...

Welcome to TW :-) introduce yourself for those that dont know you...

I love that usertitle over at SEW btw heh! heh!

Hey Nick

Thanks for the warm welcome and introduction. My intro has just been posted, and I will continue to bring any pertinent links your way.

I really enjoy using Threadwatch. It's an excellent tool to browse the growing amount of SE forums available.


Hey chris, are you the same chris_r from Searchguild or did i make a mistake?

thanks for dropping this TW's way, please do keep those wpw threads coming when they're of standard, i try my best to keep up with wpw but man, that is one busy board! lol..

not that chris

unfortunately, i'm not him. i actually had to change my screen name on WebProWorld to CRich to avoid confusion.

sorry about that.

Mystery solved ;-)

Thanks for putting me straight!

Hell Freezes over --I agree w/ Doug Heil

"IHelpYou (Doug Heil) feels that link building may have damaged Internet content as a whole. This much is indicated by his statement, which says, “This link exchange stuff has actually ruined the internet. This is why you are now seeing a "De-emphasis" on links coming in from Google, and from Yahoo, and you will see that the new MSN will not be putting much stock on linking as well."

Well, well, well

Is it screenshot time, rc?

Well, just don't have anyone

Well, just don't have anyone showing it around in Vegas next week.

Backlinks are Google's Achille's heel, a fact which MUST be common street knowledge now if Doug is talking about it.

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