Adwords does a U-Turn On Changes

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What are the AdWords keyword status changes?
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After causing a storm recently with changes to the Adwords algorithm, the Adwords team will be making further changes to the way the system works in an effort to put things right between advertisers and Adwords again.

In the coming weeks, we'll simplify our keyword status system and introduce quality-based minimum bids, giving you more control to run on keywords you find important.

How it works

Each keyword will now be assigned a minimum bid that is based on the quality (also called Quality Score) of your keyword in your account. If your keyword or Ad Group's maximum cost-per-click (CPC) meets the minimum bid, your keyword will be active and trigger ads. If it doesn't, your keyword will be inactive and will not trigger ads.


No dates specified are there?

It looks like anyone slow to make the most of the changes needs to watch out for:

Several weeks later, we will delete them.

Flipping heck...

also worth noting is:

"if you have any on hold keywords that you do not want to trigger ads, we suggest you delete them from your account."

otherwise they could be

"could be activated and accrue ad clicks"

Time to have a good look through all those keywords again... ain't ppc fun ;)

When will the first degree

When will the first degree in PPC be on offer?

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