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SEO Roadshow Reminder - the SEO Event of the Year
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I was asked to keep quiet on this, but fuck it, if Aaron is posting it i don't see why we shouldn't :) the SEO Roadshow will be held on Sept 10th this year in Edinburgh, you need an invite, but that's not much of an issue, just have a word with rcjordan, nffc or mrmackin - if you can't reach them, pm me and i'll see what i can do.

It looks like i might even be able to make this one, hooray!


I hope you can make it Nick

It's going to be an excellent weekend Nick and it will be good to see you again

Not negotiable...

Be there or be square...

*I had* to post this

I *laughed* so hard I nearly blew tea out my nose:

If you think you should have received an invite contact any well-known *****hat and have them speak to the management. Alternatively shoot an email to

making clear in the subject the nature of your request. Otherwise, you’re probably SOL.

I am expecting

all men to be wearing traditional scottish dress.

all men to be wearing

all men to be wearing traditional scottish dress.

you ever see what they wear under those? if not, be sure to ask Euro at the meeting...

Wasn't that the point?


Re: I am expecting

Is that a confirmation of attendence gertster?

If you promise not to call me Gurtster.

I did confirm. The secret society smoke signals thing clearly broke down :)

Generally you don't have to ask Aaron, a man in a kilt seems to have to attempt a highland fling 6 pints in. Not pretty but funny if you have a camera.....


Gurtie the wind was blowing in the wrong direction when i tried to get your confirmation to NFFC :)

Scotland, here we come.

It has always been a blast, so will this one :)
Looking forward to see all ya'll again.

If you look above, he said

If you look above, he said "gertster" not "Gurtster"
big difference, IMHO




Has anyone checked in with Suzy?

Scandalous lack of respect

... the Alt tag on the Black and White Minstrel Geek.

As for traditional Scottish dress, that would be a crap shell suit and a crap tattoo. I have dispensation to say that, having once lived in Edinburgh for years, as well as having a Scottish bidie-in.


will let you know asap


If you attended the one in London does that mean we can turn up to the next one?

I was there last year, so...

I assume no further invite is needed and I've booked my ferry and hotel room at The George anyway - so I'll be there even if I'm blackballed :)

>>If you attended the one in

>>If you attended the one in London does that mean we can turn up to the next one?

Sure, i think they'd like an idea on numbers though, hence the request for a pm, or post in here.

I should be finalizing weather i can make it in the next week or so, so i hope to see you there too MMT, blackballed or not!

MMT Blackballed

We thought about that but figured that you would just show up anyway...[smile]

What!?!!!??? We're doing

What!?!!!??? We're doing roadshow again?

>last year

Yeah, if you made it last year, you're in.

>asked to keep quiet on this

We're trying a sort of reverse forum-spamming technique this year ...except I can't get NFFC to shut up.

I hope appearing on the

I hope appearing on the seoroadshow blogroll counts as an invite! I'm thirsty.

seoroadshow blogroll counts

I hope not ... Jeremy Zawodny is on there ( only joking Jeremy )


Hope the hotel is large

Hope the hotel is large enough - I figure a few more people this year. :)

>only joking Jeremy He's

>only joking Jeremy

He's been invited. I promised to seat him next to you. (Dogfights are illegal in the states.)

>Hope the hotel is large enough

It's not, apparently. We have people staying all over town. See roadshow site and help with comments/directions/suggestions on this subject if you have local knowledge. But hell, all we need is a lobby that's open.

Any good *cheap* flights from the US?

I looked for an *hour* yesterday and haven't found anything under $600 round trip for *one* ticket *JUST* to get to London.

OUCH..anyone find any bargains from anywhere in the states?

cheapflights has jfk to edinburgh for $525

with - the dates are right but I didn't click through to see what the taxes and availability are ....

You might also try: Dallas

You might also try:
Dallas Fort Worth Intl to Gatwick
Then to edinburgh

Mackin: What airline?

Which airline is that deal on?

I just typed Dallas > London

I just typed Dallas > London on cheapflights

Pssst... going to the

Pssst... going to the SEORoadshow? - The SEO community's black tie event of the year - 10th Sept, Edinburgh

Doh I saw this header and sure it said the Seo community's black hat event, shame more of these aren't in central UK maybe Birmingham way, why is everything in bloody London or Scotland ;)

BritRail ?

BritRail ?

hame more of these aren't in

hame more of these aren't in central UK maybe Birmingham way, why is everything in bloody London or Scotland ;)

Edinburgh’s a great choice. Plenty of cheap flights from all over the UK. Flybe prices start from £0. Including check in time it will only take me max 3 hours to get there – takes me an hour to get to Birmingham city centre and i live in Birmingham.
Plus i get to experience another country with its odd cuisine(fried pizza), peculiar customs(men wearing skirts), and foreign language that resembles English ;)

"i live in Birmingham.", you mean, people actually live in Birmingham??

lol for 20 years i lived in

for 20 years i lived in Worcestershire. One boundary change later and i now live in Birmingham without ever moving house :)

>> Dallas > London on cheapflights

LOL, thanks for the plug MrMackin. Remember kids, is the site for US originating flights

And the UK one - made Private Eye, you know

Did you know that TT?

I remember hearing something about it

didn't get sight though. What was it about?

You believe 'no such thing as bad publicity', yes?

Ermm, I'll bring it in tomorrow. You (or the person who writes the newsletter) ain't gonna like it though. It made G8Balls or the like.


Is the George all booked then? And if so, where's the next best alternative?

here's one I found nearby

this one is only a short walk from the The George hotel

Thanks Mick, much obliged!

Thanks Mick, much obliged!

Please Post More Info

Slow down cowboys. Us Yanks need a few more details if we are to go overseas, especially given the recent events in London.

The SEO Roadshow blog is cool and informal, but I could not even find $$cost info on the page. Maybe someone could post a faq answering questions like these:

1. How much does it cost?
2. How long does it last?
3. Is it open to anyone?
4. How many people will be there?
5. Will there be punch and pie ?
6. Is there a SEO skill level minimum/maximum?

Sounds like y'all have a cool event here - looking forward to learning more.

"especially given the recent events in London."


Before you get the idea that London is unsafe.

I notice you are from Virginia, one of the safest states in USA. Crime stats show Virginia has 400 to 500 murders a year (6 murders per 100,00).

London, by comparison has roughly one third of that at 2 murders per 100,000.

Even with the current bombs, London is a darned sight safer than anywhere in the USA, including Virginia. So you would actually be safer coming to UK.

Thanks for the safety

Thanks for the safety comparisons! Maybe I've watched Guy Ritchie's "Snatch" too many times ;)

Virginia is pretty cool (with a rich Anglo history btw). My sis lives in Edinburgh, so I would have a place to stay (and I would like to visit her anyway).

I saw the picture of Katie

She is invited ! "no skill level for YOU" and it can last as long as you like.

There is NO COST
Fly to Gatwick which is "outside" London proper and take from there.

You will meet about 100 SEOs and some Brits as well.

Added: I'm bring Ruth Ann so don't read anything into my post.

>>London is a darned sight

>>London is a darned sight safer

yeah London may be but the last night out I had in Edinburgh I seem to remember involved some very very drunk scotsmen, a worried looking Alsatian and a vanload of police. And there were no SEO's involved in that one so this one could get very dangerous....

Seriously the UK is business as normal - it's really not worth worrying about.


Snatch is on here right now. I should really watch it, instead of type this ;-]

i think i have some sites

i think i have some sites about virginia.


Ivana, Robyn and I are all coming down Thursday, and leaving Sunday morning (early..) We're probably going to stay at The Albany but depends on where eveyone else that can't get in the George is?

Bloody Hell!

The Albany want £185 a night! At this rate we'll be bringing a sodding tent..

Recommendations anyone?


it is booked up isn't it?

Travelodge has rooms available for £90.

The Albany want £185 a night!

Don't joke, that's what we charge in Cornwall - don't want the grockels to know there is an alternative in buying a tent.

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