to Kill Cafe Press?

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Google Investors Bet on E-Commerce Startup
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Zazzle, a company which makes personalized apparel and gifts, was recently invested in by some of the original VC's who invested in Google.

Zazzle's technology has "really opened up the vault of all our character art for the first time," said Patrick Haley, Disney's manager of new business development for consumer products.

Here's how Zazzle works: customers pick an image to be printed on a piece of merchandise, select a phrase from a menu and the order is supposed to be completed within 24 hours. The company so far has been making mostly T-shirts and posters. Beginning Monday, Zazzle will sell customized postage stamps in a partnership with mailing equipment maker Pitney Bowes Inc.

A sheet of 20 first-class stamps will sell for $16.99 -- a 130 percent markup that matches the price that charges for a similar sheet of personalized postage.

Personalized stamps and partnering with Disney. You have to wonder why CafePress has rested on it's laurals for so long.


I was looking at the

I was looking at the zazzle/disney site at the weekend, and it's brilliant, I even bookmarked it for future reference. The only thing I immediately thought needed a change was that you can't add your own message, simply choose a pre-existing one.

If they move into CafePress territory then they'll clean up (prices on the Disney one were really good too).

1) Doerr and Shriram are

1) Doerr and Shriram are in
2) Got started at Stanford U
3) Has a silly name

Sounds like a winner to me ;)

Good point about CafePress, though.

custom message

They probably don't let you customize the message to avoid that whole "nike sweatshop" thing a few years.

but you can "personalize"

rest assured you can upload images which CafePress has banned.

Really liked 'em until...

I spent about 2 hrs. designing a shirt 4 times in 2 different browsers on 2 different machines and it crashed at the very end each time (not saving anything). Very frustrated, I sent a customer service e-mail and got no response.

Their shipping is amazing, and it's a fun service, but I am still a little ticked at the time I spent. I had created several before with no problem.

I'll probably even give them another chance since it was a very good service, but is really frustrating to get through the process and perfect it, and then have it bomb. Like writing an article and losing power at the end after you haven't saved...arggggg.

I don't like it

I looked through the Zazzle site and I don't like it as well as Cafepress. From the point of view of someone creating artwork, photographs, etc. I wouldn't want someone adding text to one of my products. Cafepress seems to consider you more to be a real business too, in that it lets you determine what kind of markup you want to add to a product. If you think the design you created is worth more, you can charge more. With Zazzle you just get a percentage, which feels more like an affiliate program.

Cafepress will be offering stamps too soon. And Zazzle doesn't offer black t-shirts either, so I don't really see the advantage of it, except it is kind of cool the way you pick a design first then decide the size/type of t-shirt you want it on. But there is no reason why cafepress couldn't do something more like that too, and they are supposed to be changing to a more 'design centric' approach soon.

I had a couple of test t-shirts printed at cafepress recently and I was very pleased with the quality and it shipped within 24 hours. I'll keep an eye on Zazzle, but unless they find a way to print on black t-shirts, I don't see the advantage. is better is better than both of them, IMO

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