Online Travel Spend To Rocket over Next 4yrs

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U.S. Online Travel Market to Soar
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Jupiter are reporting a 20% rise in online travel spend by year end over 2003 and that it's set to continue through 2009. Profitable though im sure it is, online travel would be the last place i'd want to play johnny come lately: When thinking of how competitive the affiliate market is for travel the word outgunned springs to mind ;)


New kid in town..

..who'd want be a johnny come lately in any sector these days?

I was flicking through some place the other day and found this web site that was buying domains. Something like "We buy domains for cash" accommpanied by a big fist of green stuff. reminded me of one of those ads in LOOT..we buy cars for cash...Anyways, I digress, the point being,that its pretty clear that old domains, or established ones at least are becoming ever more important, especially to Johnny come lately and crew. The older the better it would seem.

Most travel sites are missing

Most travel sites are missing a few main things...

  • Focus: Lots of generic travel sites, few great travel sites focused on any given area.
  • Quality useful original content: Most travel pages are just garbage optimized for whatever words...nothing compelling.
  • Personality: There are no actually personalities behind most of the sites...just boring old template driven garbage.

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