Cooked English Breakfast

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I woke up this morning with a raging appetite for a proper, cooked english breakfast:

  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Beens
  • Mushrooms
  • Fried Onions
  • Grilled Tomato
  • Fried Slice
  • Brown sauce

Did we have any of thoese ingridients? Did we bollocks!

Sheesh, im having to settle with going into town for pizza, but im bloody well shopping for all that stuff, never again will the W household be so poorly lacking in emergency ingridients!


A "sudden craving" for all that????

Are you pregnant Nick? ;-0

Or did you burn too much fat chasing the chickens?

Ulster Fry Up

You appear to be missing "Potato Bread" from your list, and there are some that would add "Black Pudding"

Mind you I would be surprised if you could get either of the above in Denmark - equally well surprised if you could buy "British Sausages" outside the UK in a non ex-pat community. British Sausage don't go down big among non nationals in UK hotels at Breakfast time!

"Fried Bread" tends not to go down to well either with non-nationals.

In fact most non Brits prefer just the "Bacon & Eggs" only - they cannot understand the need for the full fry up. In fact many of them cannot see the need for Bacon & Eggs.

It is widely believed that the fry-up is responsible for Scotland & Northern Ireland having the highest levels of coronary heart desease in the world.

It is widely believed that

It is widely believed that the fry-up is responsible for Scotland & Northern Ireland having the highest levels of coronary heart desease in the world.

I must object. It is the fish supper (deep fried fish and chips - 'french fries'), the lager, smoking, and the deep fried mars bars that are responsible for Scotland's record breaking health statistics.

And mustard?

How can you have a 'full Engerlish' without mustard? Pah!

Scotland - only partially responsible - we'd also need to hear from messrs Fish Supper, Steak Pie Supper, Irn Bru and Tunnocks.

damn you Nick

I don't even like half of that stuff but I'm feeling hungry and lusting after a fry-up now.


Hey Nick, when you go shopping for all that stuff, add in a Speel Checker will ya?

I claim hunger exhaustion

I claim hunger exhaustion woz :)

You can' get english sausages here of course, you have to settle for 2nd best, but in copenhagen you can, and when we get our car, that oversight will be corrected...

And Bubble....

You have to have bubble.

And... is called a FRY UP!! (I remembered this time.)


Where is the toast and

Where is the toast and jam?

And not any old jam but some quality fruit filled from the likes of Tiptree

We can't forget the large pot of tea either. Oh, we've had that thread already :)

>tea I wanted beer with mine


I wanted beer with mine :)

but then half the reason i wanted this breakfast was a few too many summer beers yesterday heh..

hash browns!

no idea how to cook the little fellas, but a vital addition to any greasy spoon cafe fry up.


This site seems to be becoming a pavlov-style conditioning experiment - I am going to start salivating on the site of the logo ;O)

listen ....

shh quiet if you listen very closely you can hear the sound of arteries clogging up ...

Although I can say I really want some of grandma's fried breakfast potatoes right about now, cooked up in a big black-as-midnight cast iron pan, a nice good size dallop of lard ...

I'm scared to ask. What's

I'm scared to ask.

What's Fried Slice?

And Brown Sauce?


A fried breakfast without fried eggs? That's crazy.

Nothing beats bacon, fried eggs, belgian waffles and maple syrup (which, by the way, is a very thinning breakfast ... heh).

My ideal breakfast would be

My ideal breakfast would be french toast (real butter and syrup), pork sausage, bacon, havarti cheese cubes (sundried tomato), strawberries, pineapple.

Yup, that's an artery closer.

What's Fried Slice?

What's Fried Slice?

Bread fried in (no arguments here please) Bacon fat and butter till it is crispy

What's Brown Sauce

A tangy sauce, similar to tomato sauce but with more oomph. HP Sauce is the daddy!

HP the daddy

I thought Daddies sauce was the daddy by definition? ;O) (I do prefer the taste of HP btw)

A fried breakfast without

A fried breakfast without fried eggs? That's crazy.

An unforgiveable oversight on my part :(

don't forget the Holbrook's

See now I am starving... so it's off to an early lunch.

"deep fried mars bars"

My apologies, I forgot that the deep fried Mars bar was an integral part of the Scots diet. Though, as I recall, they are not usually consumed before noon.

(now where is that seo roadshow?)

Scotland's National Dish

deep fried pizza with a can of Irn-Bru :)


would that space be better taken up with more meats?

- fun page, you'll also find black pudding, fried slice, and the rest there.

Bubble and Squeak

Anyone had Bubble and Squeak?

Big News

This is the biggest thread I have seen for a while.

It's always been this way

It's always been this way SOD, (heh..) TW is a community meeting point i think, we do talk about the serious stuff, but are still small enough to suffer a little "no comments" on some issues - when we post something that everyone can get involved with, it tends to be popular.

The Tea thread was similarly big...

What, no gravy? What are you

What, no gravy? What are you going to pour over the spuds and eggs? Need some biscuits too. (not cookies). ;) Definitely need a cast iron skillet for cooking breakfast. If I know I'm going to have a lot of hungry people over for breakfast I make the entire meal in a cast ironn dutch oven. Eggs, hashbrowns, onions, cheese, sausage, all cooked over hot coals outdoors. Add some biscuits, butter and molasses and a steaming pot of hobo coffee.

LOL, it is funny how this is

LOL, it is funny how this is one of the most popular threads. Damn good thing I just ate, too. Not sure I'd quite go for some of the things mentioned (fried slice... oh my!), but I have to admit I actually miss the stewed tomatoes / baked bean / fried egg breakfasts I had while in London. You just don't see that a lot around here in the States.

(but I can get a mean fish'n'chips, however... and San Francisco does offer some really kick-ass intl. cuisine overall)

hot damn this is making me

hot damn this is making me hungry.

don't give up hope

>still small enough to suffer a little "no comments" on some issues

SOME day we'll be bigger than /. ;-)

hang on STOP

stop right there, an english breakfast is not complete without 2 if not 3 pieces of grilled or fried SPAM



Is that what is referred to as "continental breakfast" ?

Personally, I prefer my müsli but to each his own. I'm sure some of the cafés or hotels around here serve the English breakfast (possibly renamed "brunch" and expanded a bit)

Nothing like...

...3/4 of a box of Pringles and Belgian beer for breakfast.

That said, I go for English breakfast whenever I'm in England though (which is not often). It's great, provided you don't have to go out before 10 am.

I've bought the idea of

I've bought the idea of english breakfast to denmark - yes, they do "brunch" - and it's remarkably similar - but if you ask nicely, they'll do you a few extras :)

You have to have it about 11oclock, and with beer, not tea...

Its hangover food.

Where are the beans?

Every breakfast I saw in England had eggs and beans... which to my way of thinking should NOT be on the same plate.

Oh wait, I see it... beens. ;-)

Market Diner

If any of you are ever in Brighton and want to try the daddy of all fryups, go to the Market Diner - open from 11pm to 11am. They sell the "Gut Buster", a serious lesson in cholesterol, complete with sausages, burger, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, fries and a coronary.

This isn't a Gut Buster, but looks damn tasty nonetheless.


that brings back memories of staggering drunkenly towards a Market Diner fried egg sandwich at 4am :)

Mmmmm Post-Club Gut Buster

Mmmmm Post-Club Gut Buster at the Market Dinner, I do miss that one Dave. You're going to have to take some real pictures for everyone - that has to be seen to be believed!

I'm also doing my bit to introduce the English Breakfast to the Russians Nick. I've got them doing a proper roast dinner on Sunday as well now - bloody heathens...

I have had to cut out the

I have had to cut out the egg, bacon and mushroom baps in the morning ,starts to take a toll.

Heh, yep. I thank my lucky

Heh, yep. I thank my lucky stars I cannot get a decent breakfast here. I would not be able to resist. I lost 20% of my body weight since I left the UK :)


I am fully expecting to *gain* weight when I leave the UK ;O)

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