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I don't have a link, as i've been listening to this on the radio today, but it appears that accessing "extremist websites" could be an offense in England in September...

Im not sure about this at all. I rarely (actually only once or twice ever) access any kind of "extremist" site - but i do do it, i do it because it interests me to see how these groups think, what drives them, what kind of conversations they're having...

This seems like a stupid move to me, i don't think extrmist human kamakazi fuckwits are born by accessing hate sites, i think it's much more complicated than that, and that this is a knee-jerk publicity stunt.

Make it permissable in evidence, make it a gateway to "tapping" someone, sure, all of it, by all means, but an offence?


is this to do with the new

is this to do with the new laws? I haven't seen the news since this morning but I think there are three proposed of which two are indirectly inciting terrorism (which would presumably include owning/running the sites) and obtaining training for terrorism (which presumably includes learning to make bombs off the net).

So I don't think visiting any extremist site is going to become an offence, just ones which are specifically inciting certain things.

I agree in the visiting things though - I sometimes go have a look at a couple of sites just to laugh at the idiots and remind myself why some things have to be argued agains :) Plus of course it is possible to end up on a nutters site quite by accident. Hopefully that won't result in a visit from the police :(

This sounds like the proposed promotion of terrorism law

There was a news story early this morning or late yesterday which said that Tony Blair or someone in Parliament had proposed a law which would forbid expressing support for or encouragement of terrorist activities. The primary concern behind the law, apparently, is to provide a means for prosecuting clerics who advocate the use of violence in the pursuit of extremist goals.

Such a law would, I suspect, include Web sites. They would have to be blocked or shut down (depending on where they are based) by UK Internet Service Providers.

It's an impossible

It's an impossible issue.

Some of the things you mentioned Micheal would drive me the other way, i just can't see a good thing coming out of prosecuting for access or incitement on the internet - unless we're talking specifically about the site admin.

Use this stuff, make it usable in law, but man, you can't prosecute people for being involved, there are just too many exceptions to the "rule"

a bunch of garbage, IMHO

how can reporters cover topics if they can't even access the information?

how can you understand others thought patterns if you can't see what information they share?

how can you solve social problems when you only look at symptoms and things the government want you to see?

Imagine a reporter writing "who's website is so evil that we couldn't even read it..." if nothing else curiosity would cause greater demand to view some of the illegal stuff

a bunch of garbage, IMHO

Bad news for democrasy

wow. That is bad news in the long run. Wonder who is going to be called an extremist under this sort of law? Just as frightening, who is going to monitor access to such sites, and how will they do it?

A few months ago the UK and Italian Indymedia networks were taken offline after their servers (based in London) were seized by the the FBI. What about anti-globalization sites? What about labour unions? Western democrasy is based on the right to speak one's mind, even if the vast majority opposes those views.

What is the validity of this? Is it speculation or do UK users actually expect it to be enforced by law?

Phew thank god for us Welsh,

Phew thank god for us Welsh, Scots and Irish extremists being allowed to continue reading these extremists sites....:)

Its not accessing the site...more using the site for preparing, training for and inciting terror acts.

So reading a book with bomb making instructions will become illegal...can't see much getting past the House of Lords...or the police being able to police it.

A Newsweek online article

A Newsweek online article last week described a group of Internet "vigilantes" intent on shutting down sites like this. A couple of 'harvest the info' counterpoints were made in the article"

Evan Kohlmann, a New York City-based terrorism analyst, says that the anti-terror vigilantes do more harm than good. “We want these guys to surface, to get comfortable and to think they are completely safe,” he says. “That’s when they make mistakes.”


According to Amit Yoran, former head of the National Cyber Security Division at the Department of Homeland Security, there’s widespread consensus among national security analysts that intelligence groups must do a better job sifting and exploiting so-called “open source intelligence,” publicly available information like Islamic Web sites. For that to happen though, Internet vigilantes may need to step back and let the Feds do their jobs.

So, the Brits want to shut off access, a group of vigilantes want to take the sites down, and a couple of U.S. security experts want them to continue to go on doing business as usual.

Here is a link to The Independent article on it

The Independent article states

Legislation outlawing "acts preparatory to terrorism" will make it a crime to plan or prepare for a terror act, including accessing terrorist websites. The offence would also cover people with intent to acquire chemicals or with instructions on how to produce a bomb.

I would think that they are a long way off breaking your front door down in the middle of the night and inspecting your hard drive on the suspicion that you might have looked at a terrorist web site.

As I have said before, the passing of legislation as a result of an act of terrorism, can result in some potty/draconian laws


these laws were being formulated well before the London Bombings.

although I suspect a bit of a pressure was put on to get them finalised soon as

Who decides what is an

Who decides what is an extremist web site? How do you know if you're on an extremist web site? You may not think it's extremist, the authorities might....

How about some of the sites (web forums/blogs and that) that have had discussions on this kind of topic since the bombings? Someone may sudeenly decide that some of those discussions are extremist!

Certainly feel that the people who incite this kind of religious hatred should be held accountable, but it's already sounding like another ill thought out law that causes more confusion than it solves.

Who decides what is an extremist web site

if it's giving you info on how to make a bomb... or telling you to take a life.. then that's extremist.. instead of banning them they should IP trap and start backtracking though ISP's ... PS don't get me started cause I have an extremist view on this subject


Democracy 101 I may not

Democracy 101

I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it

I stand by democracy!

if it's giving you info on

if it's giving you info on how to make a bomb.

if you’re really in to that kind of thing i guess you can easily do some research and find out how. What amazed me last week was the number of newspapers telling us the name to search for and that we can find step by step instructions on the web – expect to see in increase of kids with missing fingers

So is Amazon an extremist

So is Amazon an extremist web site?

I agree with Nick's comment earlier

Use this stuff, make it usable in law, but man, you can't prosecute people for being involved, there are just too many exceptions to the "rule"

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