Push & Pull SEO - How to Draw Customers into a Bricks n Mortar Biz

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Restaurant Promotion
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Hyperperformance asks:

My question is that I would like to know of any suggestions or successful promotion campaigns that we can use here in taking advantage of a push/pull scenario. You know, push them to the "new" site with a promo that pushes them back to the resaurants?

He's getting some great advice from the HRF members! I especially like Scottie's idea for wine tasting nights. I just hope this restaurant is close to me so I can join in on the fun! ;)


Fawlty Towers

I always thought basils idea to have "goumet night" sounded good for this kind of thing provided manuel was not doing the cooking heh!

Have the gourmet night menu as the pull together with a news letter and do it once a month.. have to get the newsletter/look at site to get the menu..

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