Google Loses GMail Trademark?

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Google has lost TM battle for GMAIL
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It appears that Google may have lost their Gmail Trademark. Here are the relevant links dredged up by ebobnar, and a link to a news story from last year that provides a lot of background on the case.

At this point, it's still unclear to me if they've lost it, are losing it or if anything much has changed - im no lawyer, though as ebobnar says below, it sure looks like they're in trouble with this one...

Thanks to todd for the find :)



This Internet News Article from last year has good background

"The application process is first come, first served," said Sharon Marsh, a USPTO administrator. "Applications are processed as they're received, and the person second in line will get a refusal of registration from our examiner."

Google is fourth in line. First is Cencourse, a Miami, Fla., company that provides multimedia services, with an application filed March 31,2004, the same day Google's news broke. Next up is Precision Research, a Santa Barbara, Calif., company that consults on the design of high-tech equipment, with an application dated April 2. Following them is the British firm Independent International Investment Research (IIIR), formerly known as The Market Age, which operates Pronet Analytics, a stock research service; IIIR applied on April 3. Google didn't file its application until April 7, but at least it beat the Gospel Music Association's April 8 paperwork.

and as always G are optimistic. But it would appear that IIIR are looking to sell to Google. This from January

LONDON (AFX) - Independent International Investment Research PLC, the UK company engaged in a dispute with Google Inc over the "G-mail" trademark, said it has submitted an independent valuation of the trademark to Google.

Independent International, formerly The Market Age PLC, claims it has operated a web-based e-mail service called GmailTM since mid-2002.

The company said it believes the submission of the trademark valuation to Google will move the matter forward, but was unable to quantify the possible outcome or give a likely time frame for any further developments.

Thanks cw, much appreciated!

Thanks cw, much appreciated!

The pages referred to in

The pages referred to in that forum thread:

Google's page

Cencourse's page

If you scroll down to the prosecution history, it certainly looks like things are going in Cencourse's favor. But I'm no trademark lawyer, so it's hard to tell.

If true, that's a lot of people that're going to need to change their email addresses.

edited the post, ta very

edited the post, ta very much ebobnar!

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