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Here's a handy little widget from Graywolf that will allow you to have Threadwatch search in FF - just drop threadwatch.src and threadwatch.png into the searchplugins folder in your FF programs folder and away you go..

The only thing is, the site search sucks, maybe it could be modified to use technorati gw? It's what i use if im looking for something recent on tw..

Nice stuff though, and thanks!


ps: i still can't work out

ps: i still can't work out where to put the damn files in linux?


Sure I could write something up for Technorati, not sure off the top of my head how to limit it to threadwatch though. Are you sure you'd wan't to use technorati? Here in the states once it gets past noon and the west coast people come online, technorati is slower than molases in a January snow storm. We could always use Google's site search, let me know wich way you want to go.


Nick, try /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/searchplugins

It depends on your distro, of course, on wierd ones like Gentoo it could be anywhere. ;)


/opt/firefox/searchplugins :)

thanks encyclo, i was trying to find it in the .file in $HOME..

GW, i know technorati can be a little slow, but with site search it's usually ok - you can do it like this:


Seeing a new box on the right....

Technorati Search

Guess it was easy then

try it, it's way better than

try it, it's way better than the site search on this site...


It has to be someting like

It has to be parameter based, I looked quickly on technorati didn't see anything

easy enough, though it makes

easy enough, though it makes little sense

use ?url=keywords+here&from=

Or Create a Quick Search

I removed the FF search box a while ago, replacing it's functionality with Quicksearches that can be launched from the address bar.

To create a Quicksearch for TW first bookmark the following url:

Then if you open your bookmarks and select the above entry, you can edit the keyword trigger to tw.

Now in the address bar just type "tw foo" to search TW for foo.

A little OT, but if you remove your FF search box, you probably also want to change your default address bar search from I'm Feeling Lucky to a regular search.

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