Google Announces A Continually Updating Penguin Update Coming In Next Few Months


At SMX, Google announced that they will be releasing a continuously updating penguin update over the next view month. This is a GOOD thing, given the low frequency of current updates. The SEL coverage stated that they're also doing a bunch of reworking of the alogrithim....Hmmmm, defintely would have been curious to learn more about what exactly they are tweaking! Also, as Yair Spolter points out in the comments, does that mean the next Penguin update is a couple months away?


Didn't they do the same with

Didn't they do the same with Panda? And now it doesn't look quite right because Panda is set to refresh in the upcoming weeks (which kind of indicates it wasn't updating continuously)... Now sure if I believe this time... They may be just pausing it while making sure we are scared enough :)

We'll see I Guess

Thats right, what ever happened to panda everflux?! They said that so long ago, I forgot about it... honestly, at this point, everytime I hear about these refreshes, this is my face...

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