Yahoo! Maps shutting down


Today, Yahoo! published their Q2 progress report. Among the details listed, they announced they would be shutting down Yahoo! Maps at the end of June. They will still include maps in their search results, so it seems local search results will remain unaffected.

Did you prefer Yahoo! Maps to Google? Do you feel Yahoo! Maps shutting down was inevitable?


Google maps is changing

Google maps is changing constantly and is almost unusable now. I would prefer yahoo stayed in business. I suppose I need to find an alternative that is free and widely available from the open source community. Any suggestions?

not sure

ummm not quite open source but I know that bing has a free 90 trial and they also have a basic key you can use for free but I think there are some restrictions.... there are some open source GIS that are open source but as far as "widely available" I have no idea on those...

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