New MSN is Live NOW! (well, maybe.... heh!)

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New MSN is Live NOW!
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Well, dont just sit there, go look....

Remember where you heard it FIRST ;-)

credit to Smiley for the scoop.

see here too


sorry, I still get yahoo search technology @ msn

Perhaps you've been up too long today, but those are YST (yahoo search) results I'm seeing.

Or are we seeing the first "MSN Dance" ?


I hate going out on a limb, but hey, someone has to.. hehe

You're the expert jeremy, you tell me what's going on b4 im forced to pull the story ;)

No, I got different results..

but then im still waiting for someone more knowledgeable to confirm for sure...?

I'm no expert dude - just calling what I'm seeing

Compare / with for a couple queries - MSN has always had a smaller database of search results than, because companies always get a subset of the data when they sign the syndication / licensing agreement (I signed one with WiseNut before they were sold to LookSmart years ago...).

Unless othe folks are getting different's the same as it was yesterday (look for your pet keywords if you track them closely, you should see the same correlations as previous).

Though they could be "dancing" which is why I don't see it...


off the homepage till it's comfirmed but the thread stays at least for a while ;)

How about that page then?

Is that not brand new?

I dont use it so often

but im told the advanced search is differnt...

Is it just the asthetics that have changed?

I think that page was last June

MSN launched the new interface, and made some user interface changes on their site during June of 04.

Afaik, that page is from that know, Greg Boser would really be able to tell us something - or not, due to the reams of NDA's he's doubtless had to sign ;)

Check out for the advanced page...

Same advanced search page they had in Febuary - somebody is jumping the gun here dude :)


Can you post a screeshot jermemy? - check the bbcode link at the bottom and do it about 3/400 px wide? I'll do likewise..

I think we'll leave the thread, I dont mind getting it wrong and looking like a berk, im getting used to it hhehe!

Wasn't it always...

...slightly different from Yahoo? Alas, no Techpreview algo/database migration to the regular msn search page (yet). Or it must be the old DB with the new algo or vice versa. (Nah)

I get differnt results....

Im not sure if it means it's the new msn but i do not get exactly the same.. should I?

News form the Source

Either my friend was seeing things or...

he's not so sure now, cant seem to pull up the techpreview either (i cant either...)

Im still happy to let the thread run, if it's not on the RSS it just becomes the Wednesday funny! heh! heh!

My mistake folks

Yup, it's not live - yet.

This techpreview works if you want to check:


you called it but I PUBLISHED it ;-)

What fun eh?

I cant wait for it to go live, I think what RC said earlier about waiting a few months before worrying about it makes sense but it's been so long awaited, and could potentially (probably) change sooo much that I really am quite excited by the imminent launch of this SE...


Show exactly the same results for me for all searches. Are we live now do you think?

Not live yet still

The Beta results are not the same as the techpreview results of yesterday. It's hard to see what is happening now as the techpreviews are down.

Postponed... it seems - as I read this SC thread. is showing very different results from the normal – these beta results look a lot like the tech preview i looked at a month ago.

Oh yeah...

..."techpreview" results have taken over "beta". Now there's a step in the right direction :-)

Yep, that's their index at - slow though

Their own index, and still incredibly slow.

You know the reason WiseNut sucked all those years ago and still does today? Built soup to nuts on Windows, off the shelf, software.

That is the only "enterprise" level search engine that I know of running on Windows. The latency issues associated with the lookups in the inverted indexes are *huge* when running on a windoze box.

Can't remember who said that speed isn't the only thing for a search engine, but it's the most important thing. If MSN thinks consumers will wait 30+ seconds on business class DSL for their search results - they're off their rockers.

Imho, Andy Beal had it right - MS should buy Ask Jeeves.

MSN Apologise for Outage

In the process of making our new MSN Search beta broadly available we experienced some technical difficulties that caused the beta service to function improperly or be unavailable for some users for periods of time. We're working through these issues one by one and you should see service availability and quality improve soon if not already. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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