Google opening R & D Centre in China

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Google in China...
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A Google press release outlines the company's plans for their new Research and Development centre in the Far East. Respected computer scientist and pioneer, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, has been hired to lead the operation and serve as President of the company's growing Chinese operations. Microsoft however, are less than happy with this and are currently filing suit against Dr Lee and Google.

The Google China R&D center will open in the third quarter of 2005. China, with its thriving economy and excellent universities, is home to many outstanding computer scientists and engineers. By establishing an R&D center in China, Google is making a strong commitment to attracting and developing Chinese talent, as well as partnering with local universities and institutes. The selection of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee to lead this important operation underscores Google's commitment to building a successful Chinese product research and development center and to expanding its international business operations.