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Yahoo Update
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Major changes in the SERPs... makes me yearn for the days when Google did their monthly updates, rather than the current state of everflux. Sigh.

The SERPs are looking a bit more relevant... but meanwhile it seems the Y! spider has gotten a bit trigger happy:

ska_demon: BTW I am now seeing around 200 'pages' listed. It is useless. Yahoo is listing my css files and a load of other pages that should never have been spidered!

Are Yahoo!'s spiders not intelligent enough to leave something alone when it ends eith .css ? Not everyone is put out though:

esllou: haha! I've been on 10-17 pages indexed for over six months.

Just gone to 6,360 and I am rather happy, especially after 4 months of Google treating us so badly.



You are so right! Went from +50 to top 3 for most of my main keywords on one site!

I'm hearing from affiliates

I'm hearing from affiliates who are very happy...

Ranking's good

:) very good in fact, but didn't Yahoo (also) just remove a lot of (stale???) pages from the index?

Whilst on the subject of

Whilst on the subject of updates and changes, there appears to be something funny going on at MSN - only 8 results?

MSN only 8 results..

Yes, but only if you query for "money"

Any other query gives me the full range.

Afraid you are going to have to stop hankering after "money", M$ are not giving too much away on that subject

Depends on your hits/page setting.

Mine's set to 50 and returns 32. But yeah: funky serp ;-]

I guess MSN is/are in a hurry, feeling left behind with all the G & Y updating and stuff.

Yeah, PaulH sent me the

Yeah, PaulH sent me the link, wasn't sure it was worth a thread, but odd enough for a little idle curiosity eh? :)

Weather Report

Tim Mayer posts the Y!Blog weather report

We made changes to the index last night so you should be seeing more of your pages in the index as well as some fluctuations in the rankings of results from previous searches. The changes will be a little more intense than the second weather report and changes will continue over the next week or two.

Bit late there Tim heh...

Tim. Another great update.


Another great update. You and the team have moved a #1 - 3 slot holder across the board (UK, com etc etc etc) that got there through blog spam (Hey I aint saying it's wrong) and chucked me in their place.

They are still "in there" on page 1 just a few positions lower.

Well done and I am sure my thanks go out to my client for the pay rise this'll bring.

Searching Yahoo

I'm currently unable to search the "web" results from Yahoo. I can search the others "images", "local" etc. Anyone else experiencing this?

Update: Ok... I'm not the only one

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Some chatter around about

Some chatter around about Yahoo! really pounding forums. Initial impression is that Yahoo! may be trying to explode its index with deeper and more thorough crawling.

Initial impression is that

Initial impression is that Yahoo! may be trying to explode its index with deeper and more thorough crawling.

If the amount of bandwidth I see slurp sucking up is any indication, you maybe on to something...

Barry is reporting that the

Barry is reporting that the update has broken Yahoo! - Seem ok to me now, but it appears they've been having a spot of bother...

yep i just got an error,

yep i just got an error, tried searching multiple terms, boo.

There has been...

...the odd mention of "oops, we can't process your request right now yada yada..." on seochat too.

And Google's stock goes up again

As one of their competitors shoots itself in the foot again.

I wish my competitors threw themselves on spears like Yahoo has done.

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