AJAX to Hamper Advertising & Analytics? Not Likely....

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Ajax May Undermine Web Advertising, Analytics Models
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There's a bit of a storm in a teacup brewing over whether so called "AJAX" will hamper advertising and analytics. Essentially, if you know even a little about the tech, you'll realize that contextuals, pageviews and other such things are a little tricky on pages that use it. The thing is though, this tech is not likely to see widespread use anytime soon, there are enough problems just getting people to use standards compliant markup, let alone fancy xml/js/dhtml shinanigans for anything but specialist apps, and technology sites

The idea is for sites to update their contents in a background cache so that the next piece of information is ready to display as needed. These rich micro-interactions mean that the page itself doesn't have to reload, only the portion with fresh data actually changes. Less data needed to be transferred makes for faster downloads, which makes for a better user experience. The Sabre online reservations system, for example, is reportedly starting to use Ajax to make it easier to deal with the database's huge data set.

It's a nice article though, and gives a fair bit of background on AJAX, worth a read if for that only. The idea that it will have anything more than fart in a hurricane's effect on ads and analytics is a little far fetched though...


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Today Wired have an article suggesting a bright future for AJAX {Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)

AJAX overcomes a severe limitation in traditional web interfaces, which must reload anytime they try to call up new data. By contrast, AJAX lets users manipulate data without clicking through to a new page, Dornfest said. That's putting an end to page refreshes and other interruptions that have handicapped wweb-based applications until now.
Perhaps the best known example of AJAX is Google Maps, whose improbable drop shadows and absurdly movable maps spread shock and awe among web developers in February.

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