Adsense "Webinar" - 2:30pm Today [Pacific Time]

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Join the AdSense Reports Webinar Thursday July 21, 2005
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If you'd like to join in on a "webinar" for Adsense, organized by Google, there are just 750 slots according to Jen so register now.

And if anyone would like to do a write up for Threadwatch, that'd be wonderful :)


Signed up

Someone else attending?

S%$&, missed it.

Anyone have a summary?

You didn't miss much

No sound came through; there was just a series of slides that didn't show anything I hadn't figured out already. There were no questions or answers, just a slide saying to follow the instructions. No one responded to the question I asked. Eventually I got fed up and bailed out.

From the numbers I was seeing, there were 50-55 participants max. Those numbers started going down so I'm presuming that others bailed out before I did.

I was viewing it on Safari 1.3, FWIW.


Thanks for making me feel better ;-)

To hear the presentation,

To hear the presentation, you needed to phone the phone number they provided in the chat room (it was also in the email confirmation and reminder they sent). Otherwise I could see how it would definitely be boring. You didn't need to sit in the chat room to listen though.

Some interesting things were mentioned during the Q&A section, I made notes and just have to put them into coherent form for my blog. I got distracted by the WebmasterRadio show before I finished, lol.


Love you blog, Jenstar!


Hmm ...

I saw the phone number in the email, but they didn't make it clear (at least, not clear enough to get through my thick skull) that you had to phone it AND log in online. All they said was to "click the following link to join the event", which I did.

I'll look forward to your blog, Jen!

Better late than never...

Here it is, better late than never :)

Thanks for the compliments about my blog :)

Phone to participate

Jen makes the comment in her blog

Since it is long distance outside of the US (although the toll free from Canada did work) it could be quite expensive for a non-US publisher to attend.

Hey Jen, don't we all use VOiP here?

not clear enough to get

not clear enough to get through my thick skull

Mine's just as thick. Sat there humming "Is that all there is."

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