Google updates may not be all they seem


There's talk of a Google update going on right now, but my old pal Dixon Jones has pointed out that an update may not be what it first seems.

It's a valid point, and next time you're concerned over traffic and Google updates, it may be worth considering other issues, such as DNS outages, are at play.

The Interenet Traffic report is one of my regular destinations just to get an indication of what's going on. Pretty much everyone is affected by those problems, in some shape of form, and it could be a browsing problem, an error from google failing to locate, or to spider a site, or just an error within Google's servers. Unlikely, i'm sure as Google will have resilience built in.




Yeah we used to look for all

Yeah we used to look for all sorts of trouble when we saw a traffic drop; Now the first thing we suspect is a penalty! :)

Too many variables to ever know for sure

DNS server outages; hosting outages; backbone outages; hackers; algorithms...there are so many reasons for rankings to rise and fall. Personally, beyond all that I feel they just like to keep churning who is on page 1 so anyone who wants traffic they can (almost) count on has to buy ads. 

Yup, FUD plays a part...

and that's the plan, i'm sure. The less we know about what's going on, the less apparent control we have.

Adding all those other factors outside of Google's direct control only makes it more difficult. However, we should use all the information available to us to make our best informed decisions.

Great link, thanks! I'll be

Great link, thanks! I'll be following this closely. It's either DNS or a technical issue, as Mr. Jones describes, or this sort of "pre-Panda" that a lot of other people are getting very excited about: Apparently it's not Panda itself - but the volume of activity has people pretty spooked.

Core Google Algorithm Change, not Panda = Everflux as Usual!

I suspect most are still trying to work out exactly what happened. That may just be the eternal everflux from Google.

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