15 Days to be Forgotten in France; Euro news liable for user comments

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Some legislation passed in Europe has been hitting the news lately. The whole "Right to be Forgotten" law was revolutionary, but with 253,000 requests, Google is understandably taking some time to review. France has had about enough and their CNIL has given Google 15 days to finish the job or it will be sanctioned.

How do you think it will play out? Will Google comply, appeal or simply falter?

This is not the only Internet legislation to come out of Europe in the past week. Just two days ago the European Court of Human Rights ruled that news portals are liable for their user-generated comments. U.S. news sites are not liable, nor are forums or social networks due to contextuality.

How do you feel about this legislation? Does it make you nervous in any way?


What about the request to make the change global ???

Wiat hold on,didn't france request that the right to be forgotten be implemented GLOBALLY? Did that change?

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