Google Confirms Core Search Change


Wikipedia Break The Internet

There was some speculation that what made all of the tools register the change was the change in position of wikipedia. According to SEL article on the news,  

" I suspect the reason so many tools showed a spike this week was related to the number one Google search result, Wikipedia, changing all its URLs to go HTTPS this week, which ultimately changed so many 1-5 Google search results, causing the tools to spike. So from what we know, this was not Panda, not HTTPS and also not Penguin. It was simply a normal Google core search update where Google won’t give us any details on."

I think the best comment on this was on webmaster work from mr savage,

"Case in point, Wikipedia can turn the internet (Google and Bing) on its ears. It's comical in a way that one site can disrupt the entire internet."

I think this says something interesting on having that "domain signal" as being so strong now and "too big to fail" websites..I'm curious if at this point users are trained to expect wikipedia in the top three for many informational queries...