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I'm seeing Google giving more and more hand jobs every day
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I have plenty of sites and I've seeing sub domains and directories being completely removed from the Google index (no PR, back links, cache or record in the serps)

The most interesting point is that the rest of the site is still in google.

I know the sub domain is on the 'spammy' side of SEO when compared to the rest of the site.
I've repeated this at least 10 times in the last two months and every time the spammy section has been removed.
Usual turnaround time is 3 weeks

I've decided that Google must have spam detecting scripts that create a manual review list.

I feel the triggers for this is page volume increase and also duplicate content.

Has anyone else seen this kind of manual removal on their sites?


I have seen it all over the

I have seen it all over the internet really. I run 5 directories and you wont belive the amount of spamoriented submissions I get, it is crazy.

Indian webmasters are the worst.

I feel the triggers for

I feel the triggers for this is page volume increase and also duplicate content.

An interesting point I've seen raised is that where a domain is seen to be suddenly acquiring too much content, Google starts to delist the content, then start reindexing again.

Seem to be seeing this in action with one of the sites I monitor - interesting to see.

Not reported with subdomains - though I've heard reports since Dec 16 last year of Google getting really aggressive with subdomains.

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