Rogue "Tell a Friend" Scripts Insert Hidden Adsense

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Using a third party javascript? AdSense Publishers beware!
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If you're using a third party Javascript on your site, particularly "tell a friend" from, then you might want to check out jen's warning that recounts the story of one webmaster discovering that by browsing his site with cookies turned off, this script was inserting it's own Adsense onto his pages..

WebmasterWorld member morpheus83 happened to notice some strange behavior on his website - a mysterious 200x300 AdSense ad unit showed up on his site. An ad unit he didn't place, and one that reveals a different publisher ID than his own. But on subsequent page views, that AdSense ad unit was nowhere to be seen. But lo and behold, it eventually showed up again.

A little digging around found the culprit - a third party javascript placed on the site to "tell a friend" about the site. These javascripts are popular with webmasters, and in 2003 this website already had 2,000 members signed up and using the service. Members recently received an email asking them to switch to a new code.



I wonder if this is allowed in the AS terms? If users of the free script are informed up front it would be a nice way to get some income from free scripts.

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