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MSN Search Debuts
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Forresters Charlene Li takes us through some unscientific sampling of MSN's search beta. The results to me look exactly the same as but then I've given up on trying to guess what's going on over at MSN at the moment ;-)

Charlene on the Near Me local search results:

+ Local search: The “Near Me” button allows a user to find Web pages near a specified location. MSN has started geo-coding Web pages when there’s information. The problem is there are many pages without any geocoding information – for example, a business may have its address only on the “Contact Us” page. Poor content means that the results were also less than relevant – I’ll stick with more localized services like yellow pages and to some degree, Yahoo! Local for now. But I expect that MSN could apply some intelligence that if a page has geocoding information associated with it, that the location could be associated with the other pages on that site as well.

More coverage here:


MSN Search Beta: Thinker Thinks Prover Proves

Microsoft's home grown search engine has debuted, and the blogs are buzzing with commentary.

What you think about Microsoft, you will prove in your assessment of the search results.

Nick W of thinks the results look exactly the sa...

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