The AP now pubilshes 3,000 robot written articles per quarter


According to this article, within minutes of Apple posting its record setting quarterly earnings report the AP had an article by way of Yahoo and others withing mere minutes of the news... The AP uses Automated Insights Wordsmith product to generate quarterly earnings reports. The only way that you know the article was made by a robot is that at the bottom of the article it says "This article was generated by automated insights". The interesting thing his the AP is not the only one. Other companies using their wordsmith tool include allstate, comcast and others totally to millions of articles. According to the team at automated insights, they can generate up to 2,000 articles per second if they need to...

I think that this is very interesting when you think about it from the view of the Google webmaster guidelines and that they have a whole page about how they don't like automated content and they view it as spam. If you look at the guideline, you'll see that this content clearly violates them. Now it would be really easy for Google to clean this up, look for the footprint for "This article was generated by automated insights" on articles and demote them. In that case, if I was automated insights, I would just remove it ....but does that raise the question: do we have a right (or an interest) in knowing when content is machine written vs. human written? Also, if machine generated content is legitimately "good" content and it meets the needs of users...does it make sense for Google to go after it???